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Sharif family on shopping spree in India
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From Anjali Sharma

NEW DELHI- While Pakistani and Indian troops are engaged in heavy exchange of firing and shelling on the Line of Control (LoC) and along the working boundary between the 2 nuclear arch rivals, the family members of the ruling party seem not to be bothered by this high voltage tension and are in fact more interested in getting engaged in private business activities and family shopping in India rather than opting to engage Indian leadership over unprovoked border escalation.

Sources here in the Delhi's Ministry of External Affairs, have revealed to The Daily Mail that the Indian Government, via its High Commission in Islamabad, received a visa application by Mian Salman Shahbaz Sharif, to visit India on a business trip. Salman Shahbaz, who is the son of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and nephew of Prime Minister Nawaz, Sharif, according External Affairs Ministry sources, has filed the visa application along with the project head of Chinniot Power Company and desires to hold meeting with Greensole Power Company of India to acquire 2 power generation units, each of 30 Megawatts for Sharif family's sugar mill near Chinniot.

This application, according to MEA sources, was received by Indian High Commission in Islamabad on 24th of September when on the other side, the Indian aggression on the LoC and working boundary was on full throttle and many innocent Pakistani civilians had been killed by Indian guns and shells and the entire Pakistani nation was wondering as to why the Sharif government was keeping mum over the issue and was not taking up it at all with the Modi government.

Some other sources have informed this scribe that members of Pakistan’s Sharif family are having a variety of shopping and business interests in India and are actually making a lot of shopping from different part of India while they are also making huge investments in different, diversified fields and they often visit India for the purpose.

According to Virat Sinha, a local analyst here in New Delhi, if the political leaders of Pakistan were engaged in such business ventures in Pakistan, they cannot take a hard stance against Modi government over such patty and routine matters of LoC firing. “In such fragile business relation, they cannot afford to annoy Modi Sarkar (government) and thus this is the best time for Indians to teach a lesson to Pakistani generals and to tell them as to who was the boss here in the region", asserted Sinha.

However, the business community in India does not agree with what Sinha says. They think that Pakistan India trade ties must expand and flourish. "Nawaz Sharif's government in Pakistan is a business friendly government as and his family are themselves a family of entrepreneurs and thus they know the importance of trade ties amongst the nations for the economic development of the nations. Pakistan and India are both having their people living below poverty lines and in this scenario, enhanced trade ties between the 2 nations will have a great impact on the lives of people of both countries and will help in introducing large scale poverty elevation both in Pakistan and India. “I very strongly believe that the business visits like the one Salman Shahbaz is paying to India should be encouraged and hawkish elements should be discouraged", said Ashish Trivedi of Mumbai's flourishing garments Industry. He said that since government of Shahbaz Sharif was inaugurating a Garments City near Lahore, in Pakistani Punjab, there was every likelihood of Indian garment manufacturers to invest there.

However, certain Pakistani traders are not very much in favor of expanding business and trade ties with India amidst such a hostile attitude that has been adopted by Delhi. Despite having much desire for having trade and business ties with India, these Pakistani entrepreneurs are finally caught by emotions of patriotism and say that having trade with India was very good for local market and national economy yet there had to be an amicable environment for the purpose. “Yes, I would love to ship my products to India and to have return shipments from there, yet I cannot imagine of having this amidst what is going on at LoC and on the Border. For this business I cannot play with the sacrifices of thousands of innocent Kashmiris and those who live on the LoC and near border with India. There has to be an atmosphere of equality and bilateral respect before initiating any trade or business deal with India", said Amjad Chaudhary, a flourishing business tycoon in the field of textile and rice exports in Faisalabad city of Pakistan while talking to this scribe over the phone line.

Pakistan and India have fought at least three wars over Kashmir dispute. With India remains defiant to UN resolution on giving right of self determination to people of India Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan is continuing with extending full moral and diplomatic support to people of Occupied Kashmir and their political leaders. With India having a history of hurling allegations of Pakistani intelligence ISI having some role in insurgency in Occupied Kashmir, it also remains a fact that the occupying troops of Indian army are operating merely under the shield draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) and POTA to justify all their brutalities and crimes, similar to the war crimes in the India occupied part of the Himalayan valley.


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