Islamabad, Monday, October 04, 2010
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CIA-RAW smear pales before ISI Chief’s ‘UN profile’
Gen Pasha offered top UN peacekeeping slot before ISI charge | UN vigorous checks cleared Pasha for sensitive position | Ban Ki-moon issued appointment letter in Oct 2007 | Pasha refused ‘to continue serving nation’ | Int’l security experts reject anti-Pasha propaganda as ‘rubbish’

From Sandra Johnson in Washington DC &
Salim Bokhari in Lahore

It is rather ironic that the CIA-RAW nexus is trying tooth and nail to cast aspersions on the person of ISI chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, a man who was found worthy of holding a top slot at the United Nation’s Department of Peacekeeping Operations before taking the charge of Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency.
The Daily Mail has learnt that the world’s top peace organisation - the United Nations - recognised General Ahmed Shuja Pasha as a true peace-lover capable of occupying the coveted post of Military Adviser to the UN Secretary General at the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in October 2007.
These startling findings dispel the stereotypical spymaster perception that the CIA-RAW sleuths and some pseudo journalists want to create for General Pasha. It’s naive on their part, and for that matter, anyone’s part, to believe that the United Nations could offer such responsible post to someone without a thorough background check on him.
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had himself made an announcement that “Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha would take over as Military Adviser, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, succeeding Military Adviser General Per Arne Five of Norway”, it is learnt.
The offer was made after a UN panel had vigorously checked the record and service profile of top military Generals of a number of countries and found Pasha to be “the most appropriate and competent” to serve in the sensitive position at UN Peacekeeping Operations, the DM has learnt.
Ban Ki-Moon signed the appointment letter for General Pasha. On seeing the appointment order, Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani congratulated General Pasha and sought his consent for the new duties at the UN. However, General Pasha politely declined the offer, saying he would “prefer to serve his country in the hour of need”.
The DM’s findings reveal that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had approached Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York at that time, Ambassador Munir Akram, to persuade Pakistan to release Pasha for this important assignment which could otherwise be a dream appointment for any General of any country.
General Pasha, at that time, was serving as the Director General of Military Operations at the GHQ, overseeing all military engagements in Waziristan, Swat and other tribal areas. The position gave him a vast experience in the overall command of military operations as well as all peacekeeping deployments and peace-building operations.
His premature departure from the scenario would have caused a grave loss to the ongoing anti-terror operations and Pakistan’s fight against global terrorism as a responsible member of the international community. Subsequent successful operations in Swat and Waziristan prove that General Pasha took the decision in the best national interest.
Talking to The Daily Mail, General Steve Anderson, former senior official at the UN Military Advisor’s office, said that selection for the top post of UN peacekeeping is an arduous process involving multi-tier scrutiny of the nominees’ personal integrity, professional record, intellectual competence, ability to handle conflict situation, objectivity and neutrality, and positive disposition towards promoting global peace.
In the post 9/11 scenario, commitment and propensity to combatting global terrorism was one of the defining attributes the UN Secretary General and the Selection Board gave a proper consideration to. General Pasha’s selection for the UN Peacekeeping Department is, thus, a clear testimony that he is a real peace-man, having no soft corner for terrorism in any form or manifestation.
In her talk with The Daily Mail, senior security analyst, Susie Parkston said, “I don’t give any credence to the reports that General Pasha who was once selected to head the UN peacekeeping force would allow any so-called rogue elements inside the ISI to support or facilitate terrorist activity anywhere in the world”.
She added: “These allegations fall flat in the face of the successful anti-terror operations carried out under Pasha’s command both as the DG Military Operations (MO) as well as the ISI chief.”
“Certainly these are motivated reports,” Ms Parkston said emphatically.
Asked to comment on Bob Woodward’s book ‘Obama’s War’ in which he has made the absurd allegation that General Pasha admitted before CIA interlocutors of ISI’s involvement in Mumbai terror attacks, Parkston called the reports “rubbish”, adding: “I have not seen a more non-serious and incredible claim than this.”
Similarly, Renowned Russian security expert Vladimir Bazarov, heading a Moscow-based think tank, when contacted by The Daily Mail, opined: “The ISI organised the Afghan guerilla war with a great success that eventually saw Russian pullout from Afghanistan. The ISI, however, has never been found indulging in covert terror-sponsoring activities.”
“The CIA has certain pseudo-intellectuals on its payroll to malign counterpart organisations in a bid to pressurise them to achieve predetermined objectives,” he emphasised, adding that “the CIA has been using such tactics against Russian KGB and FSB as well”.
In Pakistan defense analysts and observers hold General Pasha in a very high esteem due to his professional qualities and the standards of efficiency that he has maintained throughout his military career. His commitment to his motherland has all along been above board and his dedication to the Pakistan Army has been envy of many in his rank and files.
General Pasha has always preferred his national duty over any lucrative offers that he has been getting from time to time. He is regarded among his friends, relatives and fellow officers as saint-natured, dead honest and very kind-hearted, one of the defense observer told The Daily Mail when asked to comment on General Pasha’s life and career.
In view of these observers, the person of General Pasha is being targeted by the American and Indian press for his steadfastness against their unjust demands and actions
It was keeping his these qualities in view that he was assigned the task of Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). He has recently been given a one-year extension to ensure continuity of his policies.
General Pasha’s distinguished career with the Pakistani Army has seen him command an infantry division, a mechanised infantry brigade and an infantry battalion. He has also served as the Chief Instructor of the Command and Staff College of the Pakistani Army from 2001-2002 and Contingent and Sector Commander with UNAMSIL, the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone, where he was responsible for the disarmament and demobilisation of former rebel groups.

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