Islamabad, Friday, October 01, 2010
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Immoral Delhi CWGs a blemish to noble Sports
| Suresh Kalmadi broke all records of corruption, kickbacks | Three officials suspended,2 sacked for gross financial irregularities | India’s former Sports Minister, Sports icon Bishan Bedi seek ban on India to host mega sports events in future | RAW Chief purposes postponement of event under the grab of fake terror attack | ISI must be behind this, said a RAW chief | India bribed 72 nations to get Games’ hosting rights

From Christina Palmer and Ajay Mehta

NEW DELHI—Games are supposed to promote positive energy and have healthy impact on the society and in case of international events, sport have impact not only in the host country but more so in the fast shrinking global village. Since time eternal sports are considered to be a noble activity which, besides testing physical strength of athletes, is also a test of their spirit and fair play. That is the precise reason that so much stress is laid on ‘sportsman spirit’. However, The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the upcoming Commonwealth Games, scheduled to be held at New Delhi, have badly tarnished the spirit of the games even before these have started. The corruption scandals involving no less than the CWG organizing Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi and his band of aides have irreparably damaged the Delhi Commonwealth Games. Erstwhile Chairman, besides being involved in scam of pilferage of funds spent in New Delhi was also involved in the transfer of about £250,000 ($430,000) to a British firm, AM Films. Scandal after scandal, unraveled revealing kickbacks, shady off-shore firms, forged e-mails of Indian High Commission London by Kalmadi that left External Affairs Ministry of India screaming and his reprimand by External Affairs Minister Krishna, inexplicable payments to bogus companies and inflated bills, eventually led to Kalmadi’s sacking days before the start of games. According to The Daily Mail’s findings, even the British government had raised questions about the payments with the Indian High Commission. These findings further indicate that earlier, games treasurer Anil Khanna was forced to resign following graft allegations. Three games officials were suspended following an investigation into financial irregularities.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that even the neutral Indian observers are calling for cancelling the games and barring India from hosting such mega sporting event in future. These findings indicate that Mani Shankar Aiyar, a senior member of the ruling Indian National Congress party and former Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs was an early whistleblower from the Indian Union Cabinet who expressed concern over extensive delays in preparation leading to unplanned expenses which he said, could have been utilized for "ensuring a better sporting future for Indian children by providing them sports training". Aiyar also said that he would be "unhappy" if the Games were a success and wished for the "Commonwealth Games to be spoiled so that India may not bid for Asian Games or Olympics in future. Saritha Rai,a local journalist, feels that what was supposed to be India’s moment of glory is fast turning into the country's hour of shame. “This is a public relations disaster for India,” said Ashwini Nachappa, former international athlete, while talking to The Daily Mail. Nachappa and 10 other international athletes have spearheaded “Clean Sports in India”, a nationwide campaign to rid Indian sports of crooked officials, including those overseeing the games as well as match fixing and bookie mafia rampant in India. Former Indian cricket captain and spin bowler Bishan Singh Bedi said the "CWG organisers have taken the country for a ride" and urged international athletes to boycott the "embarrassing" Delhi games. Bhagat, a bestseller writer who is considered a youth icon in India with a huge fan following, called the Commonwealth games the "biggest and most blatant exercise in mass corruption since the country won independence six decades ago." Bhagat, who has sold more than 4 million books in India, also urged his readers to boycott the games event and not to watch them on TV, thereby using the "golden chance" to "put the corrupt and insensitive government to shame. The corruption is endless, said Rajesh Tomar, a former Indian international athlete on the committee overseeing the games. “It is one massive waste of public money, time and energy,” Tomar said. Tanvi Rajaram, a Bangalore-based insurance executive, jokingly asked: “Will the bride arrive at her wedding in a state of undress?”

The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that India's main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, has even raised fears that poor building work will put athletes at risk. ''Forging and fudging of various quality and safety checks has widely thrown open the possibility of mishaps, blackouts and accidents,'' said the leader, Vijay Goel The regional opposition leader, Lalu Prasad Yadav, while giving his comments to The Daily Mail, called the games ''an organized looting operation''.

The Daily Mail’s findings elaborate that incomplete preparations and serious security concerns are also being raised. The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that during a Cabinet Security Committee meeting that was held at New Delhi on the 21st of September to review the Games Security, the Chief of Indian Intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) while briefing the participants recommended that Games must be deferred as he had plans in tact to create a mini terror drama to put the blame on Pakistan and get a face saving for India with regard to it being incapable of holding the extravaganza under the given circumstances. A participant of the said meeting, requesting anonymity, revealed to The Daily Mail that the RAW chief asserted that he had already hand picked three un-documented Pakistani nationals for using in this drama, who a few months back were freed from a prison in New Delhi and were picked up by RAW goons .however the final decision in this regard was left for the approval from high level.

The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that in New Delhi, the stench of corruption is already beginning to rival the notoriously stinky Yamuna River flowing through the capital city. The budget has well overshot the originally allotted $75 million, the bulk of which is being paid by taxpayers. The final costs are expected to be about $8 billion. India’s corruption watchdog, The Central Vigilance Commission inspected 15 Games-related sites and found evidence of poor-quality work and that records of construction-related strength tests had been fabricated. Almost all the organizations involved had ''used inadmissible factors to jack up the reasonable price'', it said
The games are being highlighted as a total squander of public money. Television channels are focusing on the pathetic facilities provided for the hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers who have been employed to build the infrastructure for the games. City officials have gone on large-scale campaigns to rid the city of poor squatters and slum-dwellers. Yet, New Delhi still looks like a giant digging site. Huge piles of rubble and rubbish, a collapsed roof, hanging wires, leaky walls, broken tiles and an incomplete stadium have become the visual staple of daily newspapers and television channels.

These findings further indicate that at least 19 people have been injured in a bridge collapse on the site of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. The steel walkway connected the main Jawaharlal Nehru stadium to car parks. The incident is the latest in a series of construction disasters to plague the project. In January a fire on site killed one worker and injured 12 after it started in construction workers’ living quarters. In August site deaths had reached 42, although human rights groups claimed the number was closer to 70.
In a ridiculous twist to the ongoing and unrelenting embarrassment that is the Delhi Commonwealth Games (CWG), Secretary General of the four member CWG committee, Lalit K. Bhannot has alleged that Pakistani ’state-actors’ and ‘hired guns’ are behind the latest calamity to hit the games – the collapse of an under-construction foot over-bridge. This reminds one of the joke that once when top Indian Intelligence agency RAW’s boss was informed that his “wife is expecting”; the boss’s impromptu response was “ Oh shit! ISI officials must be responsible for this”.

The Daily Mail’s investigations conclude that the Indians have pioneered the immorality in sports too, be it the match fixing in cricket, corruption and misappropriation of Sports funds or sexual harassment of female players. Sports lovers must be remembering with great agony the incident of sexual harassment of Indian Female Hockey team members at the hands of the coach and Hockey India officials. While the immoral officials have routinely been looting funds, female players are not paid their allowances for months which had earlier led to a comprehensive strike by the country’s female hockey team. The story of Indian immorality does not end just back in India as the British newspaper Daily Telegraph has reported that the Indians bribed 72 nations to get the hosting of Games at Delhi with no denial of this report coming from Indian government. It is time now that global sports fraternity must take notice of this creeping immorality in the noble field of sports. It is high time that paying attention to the recommendation of Mani Shankar Aiyar, Bishan Singh Bedi and other Indian sports celebrities and experts, banning India from hosting such a high profile sports event in future to save sports from corruption.


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