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Tale of RAW’s Underworld Mafia Don
Though Islamabad and Delhi differ on ‘terror’ definition, yet rest of the SAARC Members are very clear about it----Colombo, Decca and Katmandu having variety of terror complaints with Delhi---4SAARC States’ intelligence officials exchange information on Delhi blessed terrorism in the region--- Nepal’s King murder goes to RAW’s credit with Katmandu also seeing Delhi’s patronage to Maoist rebels---Colombo see continuous Indian financing and support to LTTE terrorists---Decca keeps serious reservations about Indian involvement behind insurgency and terror activities in Bangladesh—US close to declare Chhota Rajan among Most Wanted Terrorist-- Chhota Rajan gang operates in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vieternam, South Africa, Australia, Morocco, Indonesia, France, France, US, Pakistan and now Afghanistan too - Rajan enjoys close connections with Shiv Sena’s chief Bal Thackeray ---Rajan confessed murdering Nepalese MP Mirza Dilshad Beg for moving bill against organized crimes in Nepal’s Parliament - Babloo Srivastava, Kalia Goga, Guru Satam (Malaysia), Sanjay Khanna (Singapore), Ravi Pujari (Vietnam, Indonesia), Daya Shetti (Tangers, Morocco, Spain, France), Rajan himself (Australia), Ajay Verma (US) and Ramesh Gupta alias Pappu (South Africa) are Chhota Rajan gang’s overseas operators
By Makhdoom Babar (Editor-in-Chief)

ISLAMABAD— while the SAARC member States are signing protocol on Convention for suppression of terrorism and that too without any definition for “terrorism”, Delhi is most likely to face a comprehensive SAARC pressure near future, for taking strong action against terrorism, emitting from Indian soil and that too under official patronage, reveal the findings of the Daily Mail Investigation Cell (DMIC)
According to these DMIC findings, though Islamabad and Delhi differ on definition
Of terrorism as Delhi terms Freedom Movement in occupied Kashmir as terrorism, yet at least three States out 7-member SAARC forum are crystal clear about the definition of terror with Decca, Katmandu and Colombo having serious allegation of officially patronized Indian terrorism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. The DMIC findings reveal that Lankan intelligence officials believe on the basis of substantive evidences and some undeniable proofs that Delhi is still sponsoring, financing and arming LTTE terrorists, declared as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the US government. This is however a point which falls under the SAARC Convention on Suppression of Terrorism-1987. it remains a fact that numerous Indian leaders including former Indian Premier VP Singh and Indian External Affairs Secretary Salman Haider have confessed before Jain Commisiion and many other Indian Judicial Commision of Indi’s comprehensive military assistance to LTTE and just recently BJP ally and head of Shiv Sena, Bal Thackeray had advised Delhi to seek help of LTTE suicide attackers against Pakistanis, confirming that the Indian government was still enjoying a strong command over the LTTE Similarly the Bangladeshi authorities have also got reasonable evidences of Delhi blessed terror activities in different parts of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi officials also believe that India’s officially patronized underworld Dons are also playing havoc with Bangladeshi economy through one way or the other and term it as financial terrorism, though they have a variety of complaints about direct Indian terrorism in the country. Likewise, the Nepalese authorities, though said to be under a comprehensive Indian and particularly RAW influence, do have some serious reservations about Delhi blessed terrorism in Nepal. According to the DMIC findings, a western Intelligence agency had provided Katmandu with reasonable undeniable evidences of Indian hand in murder of Nepalese King Brendra along with other members of Royal family by Nepalese Crown Prince Dipendra. Though this Royal massacre was attributed to Prince’s love affair but it had a great conspiracy behind it as the said Western intelligence officials had provided Katmandu with solid reports about Prince being cultivated by RAW for years. The intelligence reports in this direction suggest that King Brendra was murdered when he was to announce a major decision about RAW’s operational freedom in Nepal and had planned to cut down RAW activities in his country, which had virtually become a second RAW home by then. Nepalese government also have sufficient and concrete evidences of comprehensive Indian support to Maoist separatists and very strongly believe that the Maoist rebels were getting military training, arms supplies and finances from India. Furthermore, Katmandu also very anxiously desires for a strong and immediate action from Delhi against India’s underworld Mafia Don Chhota Rajan, who has become an undeclared terror King of Nepal and carry out variety of terror activities in Nepal and is on the record to have confessed killing of Nepal’s MP Mr. Dilshad Mirza.
The DMIC findings indicate that almost all the above mentioned SAARC Members as well as Pakistan are victims of Chhota Rajan gang’s terrorism and want an immediate action against him and his gang from Delhi. DMIC findings indicate that a meeting of some top level intelligence officials of Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh was held a few months back in which it was discovered that Chhota Rajan gang was operating in a very organized manner in all these States and was in fact carrying out a high profile intelligence and terror operations for Indian intelligence agency RAW. These intelligence officials, during the said meeting, held at UAE during September/October 2003, exchanged information about terror activities in their respective countries and also exchanged information about Chhota Rajan gang. It is learnt that some US and other Western intelligence officials, belonging to allied countries in global-anti-terror-war were also present in the said meeting and they too exchanged views and information over the issue.
The DMIC findings reveals that while the US has declared a so-called Pakistani Dawood Ibrahim as one of the Most Wanted Terrorists, Washington is now also very close to place Chhota Rajan in the same list and the work in this direction began after the developments that took place during the aforesaid meeting of said SAARC State’s intelligence officials. The DMIC research in the direction of Chhota Rajan and his gang reveals some startling disclosures.
Theses findings indicate that India’s top Intelligence agency RAW has extended its network of terrorist activities in numerous countries of the region and world through its Organized Crimes Wing code named Special Operations Division (SOD), being headed by agency’s underworld mafia Don Chhota Rajan through whom RAW is carrying out terrorist activities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, Morocco, Indonesia etc., reveal the findings of the Daily Mail Investigation Cell (DMIC).
Diplomatic sources disclosed to the DMIC that the US agencies were constantly monitoring the activities of Indian Intelligence agencies, particularly RAW for quite some time. During this monitoring, these agencies collected the evidences which strongly and clearly indicate that the Indian intelligence agencies had constantly been carrying out terrorist activities in a number of countries of the world while they continue to extend comprehensive support to sponsor the terrorist organizations and extremist groups both within India and across the world. The said reports further highlight that Indian government, a few years back gave RAW the permission to establish a special wing for such activities which was straight away formed with the title of Special Operations Division (SOD). The SOD, according to the said reports, is actually the mafia wing of RAW, which relies on nurturing criminal communities and harbouring underworld Dons and terrorists to run extortion rings, prostitution and gambling rackets, bootlegging operation, drug trafficking, kidnapping for ransom and political activism in many countries. The reports say that the increasing terrorist activities of SOD in the above mentioned countries as well as in Pakistan had now become an issue of a very serious consideration as it is constantly producing specialized terrorist in all parts of the world. The reports say that there were some strong evidences of Indian involvement in the massacre of Nepal’s Royal family when the Nepalese King indicated of minimizing the Indian involvement in Nepal, in 2001. The reports further say that India’s constant support to LTTE militants in Sri Lanka was also something of prime consideration. The reports also indicate presence of terrorist training camps in at least three states of India and recommends an immediate capping of the same as they had become a permanent source of terrorists’ production. These reports also say that SOD has now been commissioning in Afghanistan through Indian diplomatic Missions’ support and there it is operating with an utmost freedom.
Independent investigations by the DMIC disclose that in early 1970s, RAW fell with the late Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi over the issue of financing of the agency’s operations that went well beyond the ambits of the country’s civil law and constitution. Mrs. Gandhi, later, strongly believed that her defeat in the Indian elections of 1970 and coming in power of Murar Ji Desai was orchestrated by RAW. Therefore, when Mrs. Gandhi again took over as Indian Prime Minister in 1980s, she drastically reduced the RAW’s Special Operations’ funds. It was only then that RAW established its shadow division called SOD. As no budgetary provision existed for these sinister designs of RAW, it decided to finance the activities of SOD through underworld operations.

According to the DMIC’s investigations RAW’s mafia wing received the real boost after the recruitment of Chhota as the chief of operations. Rajan Nikhalje alis Chhota Rajan’s life began on the streets of Bombay, where he learnt to fight and rob. He entered
the world of criminals, black-marketing cinema tickets. After his mentor Barha Rajan’s death, he was handpicked by RAW to become the Barha[big] Rajan’s successor and gang’s don (however, some reports suggest that Barha Rajan had also been working for RAW but under certain limitations). RAW’s patronage gave him virtual immunity from the law enforcing agencies. He aptly expanded the gang’s smuggling gold and narcotics, extortion, gambling, prostitution, contract killings and other racketeering operations. Due to his links with the Shiv Sena’s ideologue Bal Thackeray and his gang’s involvement in anti-Muslim riots in Bombay, Rajan soon came to be known as the Hindu Don in the Bombay’s underworld Rajan later managed to built up a steady business empire around the world acting as front offices for his illegal operations.
The DMIC investigations reveal that the glamorous world of Bollywood immediately caught Rajan’s attention for easy money extortion from the heroes, heroines, producers, directors and distributors etc., who personify virtues on screen and in real life are an amalgamation of deceit, treachery, conspiracy and temerity. RAW has also always had its eyes on the Indian film industry for various reasons. With Rajan’s coming to the scene Indian film industry soon become RAW’s interest in the Bollywood is the fact that the film media serves as the best possible propaganda tool for the agency not only in India but also abroad including Pakistan. A blatant glorification of Hinduism and an utterly distorted fanatic portrayal of Islam is the common message conveyed through the RAW sponsored movies. Terrorism or “Atankbad” is associated with Muslims even if the main theme is not terrorism the scenes of terrorist are deliberately inserted in the script. These terrorists are mostly dressed in Kashmiri Muslims’ attire. RAW itself produces films under the banner of ZEE Movies and in many other cases extends financial patronage in the making of anti-Pakistan or anti-two-nation theory films like Border, Refugee, Mission Kashmir, Fiza, Zameen, Border Hindustan Kaa, Qayamat etc., According to Pahlaj Nehlani, President of Film Producers Association of India, the underworld lord (Chhota Rajan) demands overseas rights of all good movies without paying a penny. Top movies stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Sharof, Govinda, Mithun Chakaraborty, Johnny Lever, Juhi Chawala, Mundakani, Manesha Koirala and many others have been doing free shows for Chhota Rajan at Dubai, UK, USA and other countries. The entire Bollywood dances to the tunes of Chhota Rajan during the annual funds raising show at Bal Thackeray’s NGO ‘Mukti’ without any charge. Those who dare to resist are left to face the music of Chhota Rajan’s mobsters. Gulshan Kumar of Super Cassettes Industries was assassinated by Chhota Rajan’s ‘enforcers’ because he refused to sell part of his music empire worth Indian rupees 400 crore to the ZEE music Company of RAW. The conspiracy was hatched when a galaxy of Indian movie starts participated in the opening ceremony of Chhota Rajan’s luxury hotel, in Dubai. Rajan’s key man in Dubai Vivekt Goswani conceived the entire plan.
Rakesh Roshan’s car was fired upon in year 2000, for refusing overseas rights of his movie ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ to Chhota Rajan. Roshan made repentance by asking his son Hrithik to sign RAW’s sponsored movie ‘Mission Kashmir’ produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra for less than his usual fee while in many other cases, Indian Showbiz stars were forced to sign anti-Pakistan movies like Zameen, Qayyamat, Border Hindustan Kaa, LOC Kargil,etc., on fairly low rates under threats from Rajan as RAW wanted to minimize its budget for these films but at the same time desired to have leading filmstars in these movies. DMIC findings further reveal that for each hit movie, the producers have to pay between rupees 3-5 crore to Chhota Rajan. Cable Operators are also operating with the blessings of Rajan. His brother Deepak runs the company by the name of Cable Cop, which offers film producers protection from Cable Operators who telecast new movies without authorization. According to a senior Bombay police officer Sunil Paraskar, all Deepak does is to give a call to the operators warning them not to telecast the movie for which he has taken protection money, officer Sunil also affirmed that never have the cable operators telecast a new film, produced by ‘ZEE Movies’ (as ZEE Movies enjoys comprehensive RAW protection).
The Daily Mail Investigation Cell has learnt that the first assignment abroad given to Rajan by RAW was to develop an underworld network in Nepal. Smuggling had always been a flourishing cottage industry in Nepal, run under the patronage of RAW. The Indian intelligence agency has traditionally relied on the criminal communities in Kathmandu in carrying out its operations in Nepal and using it as a launching pad for subversive activities in other countries of the region and even beyond. Chhota Rajan, a key link in RAW operations, was called to assist RAW in Nepal sometime in the late eighties. Rajan immediately became the linchpin in Nepal’s crime scene. By the early 1990s, Chhota Rajan had put in place a large network of operatives, dealing in materials ranging from gold to narcotics and people smuggling of women from the poor regions of Nepal for sale as prostitutes in Bombay’s brothels and harems of Sheikhs in Middle East.
The DMIC findings reveal that Rajan’s criminal syndicate was, however, challenged by many conscientious Nepalese. One such person was the Nepalese member parliament, Late Mirza Dilshad Beg, belonging to the Muslim minority community. Dilshad Beg’s campaign against rising crime in Nepal at the behest of RAW became a thorn in the latter’s side. Of particular concern to RAW was the private bill to combat organized crime that Mirza Dilshad Beg intended to move in the Nepalese parliament. Rajan was, therefore, instructed by RAW to get rid of Beg immediately, Rohit Verma alias D’Souza, a trusted lieutenant of Rajan, pulled the job of assassinating Beg while the Nepalese parliament was in session. Chhota Rajan took the responsibility of this cold-blooded murder. In his interview with ‘India Today’ and also to another Indian Journal ‘The Week’ the IGP Nepal, Mr. Kharel also confirmed that Chhota Rajan and his gang were behind Dilshad Beg’s murder. DMIC investigations confirm that besides India, Rajan has assets in Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Vietnam, Australia, USA and a few European countries. Rajan’s first base outside India and Nepal was Malaysia. Now his associates Babloo Srivastava, Kalia Goga and Guru Satam run the show in Malaysia, while the Singapore circuit has been handed over the Sanjay Khanna by Rajan. Until his assassination in September 2000, Rajan’s right hand Rohit Verma was head of the racket in Thailand. Similarly Ravi Pujari is based in Vietnam and Indonesia to look after the interests over there in yet another direction, The DMIC findings disclose that Pujari works in conjunction with Chhota Rajan in people smuggling of boat people to Australia. His henchman Daya Shetty controls narcotics trafficking from Tangers, Morocco to Spain, France and onwards. His close aide OP Singh runs the New Delhi syndicate whereas none other than Rajan’s own brother Deepak controls the all-important Bombay crime network. Rajan himself until recently was based in Australia where he oversaw the people smuggling operation of illegal immigrants or ‘boat people’ of all nationalities from Indonesia to Australia. The DMIC Investigations also reveal that Rajan had been exporting Vetch a toxic animal fodder of Australia, exported as Daal Masoor by many Australian exporters to different parts of the world) in association with the Melbourne based Indian exporter Dia Ram Sharma.
The DMIC has learnt that Chhota Rjan has been carrying out the RAW mafia operations with remarkable impunity. He always maintained a high profile, giving media interviews boasting his criminal exploit and his gang’s involvement in crime in rosy words. Besides the assassination of Mirza Dilshad Beg, Rajan’s gang carried numerous attacks on their perceived enemies. Chhota Rajan masterminded one such attack in 1995 when he sent four shooters to Dubai and eliminated rival gang members Sawant and Uttam Doifode. Then he sent his top hit men Mangesh Pawar and Vilas Mane to Bangkok and shot dead a rival gang member Anand Panday in his flat. Anand had captured a large chunk of Rajan’s narcotics business in Thailand, which highly offended the fonner. Manesh Pawar was later eliminated by Rajan at Johannesburg (South Africa) as the Thai police had identified and given his photographs to the Interpol. Rajan feared that if arrested Pawar might spill the beans and disclose his trans-national mafia set up in to the Interpol. Then, Rajan’s team attacked Vilas Mane at Amsterdam but he survived.
The DMIC investigations reveal that Chhota Rajan and Rohit Verma got their retribution when the concerned Vilas Mane joined hands with Satish Jay who had taken over Anand Panday’s gang after the latter’s assassination. Rohit Verma alias D’Souza had established a front office under the cover of a fashionable jeweler shop in Bangkok to provide cover to his illegal operations. Rajan had also established a firm called ‘Daman Import Export Company’ under a fake name of Vijay Daman. The firm gave Rajan a pretext to frequently visit Thailand to monitor his operations in the country. On 15 September 2000, Mane, Jay and their associates attacked Verma’s apartment killing him and severely injuring his wife Sangeeta and Chhota Rajan’s cover and led to the disclosure of his true identity. The Thai police immediately contacted the Indian police authorities through diplomatic channels. Thai police offered to extradite Chhota Rajan to India despite the non-existence of extradition treaty between the two countries as at least 17 cases are registered including 10 for murder against Chhota Rajan in Maharashtra alone and over 100 cases of extortion and murder against Rohit Verma in India. It was Verma’s extortion calls, which helped his assassins, trace him through CLI. However, the Thais were surprised by the lukewarm response of the Indain authorities to get their hands on one of the most proclaimed offenders and one of their other wise most wanted criminal of the country. At first the Indians announced the sending of a four-man police team to Bangkok to establish Chhota Rajan’s credentials. But the Indian Ministry of External Affairs stopped the team at the last moment. Owning to lack of persuasion of the case by the Indians, the Thais left Rajan off with a minor fine for entering the country under a false name and deported him. Contrary to the usual practice of deporting illegal foreigners to the country of their origin, the Thais deported Chhota Rajan to Vietnam at the special request of Indian government. The Thai Immigration Police Chief Lt General Hemraj Theerarhai confirmed in an interview what “Rajan was released because the Indians did not want that the cases against him be pursued”.
According to DMIC findings, Rajan has been advised by RAW to keep a low profile for the moment as this assassination attempt on him in Bangkok has brought him to an unwanted international spotlight. There has been also a lot of hue and cry in India voer the government’s indifference to bring Chhota Rajan to justice when an opportunity was provided. The CPM India criticized and strongly condemned the Union Ministries of Home and External Affairs for squandering the valuable opportunity of bringing him to India. Meanwhile Rajan’s top aides Satam, OP Singh, Dhia Shetty and Ravi Pujari had been extorting ‘bhaints’ (sacrificial money) from the businessmen in their circuits on the pretext that “Nana Ghayal Hai, Paisa Do” (maternal grandfather [Godfather] is injured give money). DMIC has also learnt that many ASEAN countries and Australia have strongly protested to India for harbouring criminals and mobster like Chhota Rajan and launching them abroad to run mafia rings in their countries. It seems likely that to cover its mafia creations and owing to new developments as well as US attention in this direction, RAW might be contemplating to get rid of Chhota Rajan. It would be of interest as to whom the RAW would select as his successor. However, it is for sure that the said SAARC States are likely ask Delhi to bring an end to these terror patronizing.

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