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Pakistan in bulk production of Biological Weapons, WMDs
By A t Z Western

NEW YORK— The only nuclear Muslim State, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, that, after 9/11, emerged as a safe haven and rather paradise of Al-Qaeda activists and other Muslim extremists and whose secular neighbour India has constantly been accusing it of extending support to terrorists in Kashmir, has now decided to play havoc with the world peace and humanity as it has started bulk production of sophisticated Weapons of Mass Destruction ie the Biological Weapons and the deadliest factor in this latest development is that these weapons have already landed in the hands of extremists and they have started using them even during the local fights. This scribe has learnt through highly reliable sources that certain small but compact production units of these Biological Weapons have been covertly established at remote villages, grazing fields and deserted bushy areas. A senior intelligence official, who however requested to remain anonymous, told this scribe that project was being funded by Saudi Arbaia and some other Muslim States while Islamic Republic’s political alliance of the Muslim fundamentalists, MMA has also extended its support to the government. These intelligence sources also revealed that President Musharraf pardoned country’s nuke programe’s architect as he had threatened Pakistan government of disclosing the existence of Biological Weapons program to the world media. This scribe is working to dig out further details of this programe and shall soon submit a detailed investigative report for the interest of valued readers across the world.
Valued Readers! This news report was about to become the top story of a leading Western Daily that claims to be world’s most credible newspaper. But this report could not be printed only when a Bengladeshi journalist, working in the said newspaper intervened and saved the said Daily from an utmost embarrassment. We will now explain the whole episode and the background of this unpublished news report, dispatched by a Western journalist from Pakistan to his head office. It will also give you an idea as to how the Western journalists continue to look out for any thing that could go against a Muslim State, particularly Pakistan. It will also enable you to understand as to what extent, certain unscrupulous and unethical journalists or our own can go in lust of a few extra bucks and temporary fame on cost of nothing else but the interests and honour of their own Mother i.e. their own country.
A Western journalist took an assignment from his newspaper’s office for visiting Pakistan and filing exclusive reports on the current nuclear issue. When he arrived here, he hired a local journalist who was someone like Mr. Rizvi (who assisted the French Journalists in production of a fictitious documentary about some non existing Taliban training Camp, just to earn a few extra bucks from the French journalists). This great ‘enthusiastic’ journalist of ours motivated the Western journalist to go along with him to a village of Jhang District as he, (the local one), can arrange some exclusive interviews with the family members and close associates of the slain fundamentalist leader Maulana Azam Tariq, who were ready to lash out at the government over Maulana’s assassination and banning of religious outfits. The guest (Western) journalist, who was even more enthusiastic than the host, straightaway agreed upon it and both took of for Jhang in host’s car ( though the host told that the said car was hired from some Rent-A-Car company and also charged from the guest for it). While they were on their way to a village near Jhang, they found the road was blocked as people had gathered there in the middle of the small passage ( the road of the village). The guest asked the driver ( the local journalist) to ascertain as why were the people standing like that and why was the road blocked. Our local hero went out and discovered that actually two families were engaged in a routine neighborhood scuffle but the main element that had attracted the attention of the spectators was that both the parties were using Cow dung and the dung cakes or Paathies (sort of cakes, made from the dried dung of the cows and buffalos to be used as fuel for the kitchen burners). Our hero returned to the guest journalist and told him that the road was blocked because a severe fight was going on between two armed groups (adding maximum sensation). “Are they using arms?” questioned the guest. “Yes Sir! They actually are” replied the host. But I haven’t heard sound of any sort of weapon firing ?” questioned the guest. At this point the host started cursing his teacher who didn’t tell him as to what the Thaapies of Gobbar (Cow dung cakes) are called in English or how to describe them to a foreigner. After exploring his entire English vocabulary our hero couldn’t figure out as to how should he explain the dung cakes to the guest in English? Suddenly he recalls that many years back, government announced to make bio gas from the cow and buffalo dung and that gas was called Bio-Gas. “Well! Sir they using soundless Biological Weapons that’s why you couldn’t hear any thing”, replied our genius journalist, linking the Bio-Gas and Dung Cakes to establish Biological Weapons. Upon this, the Western journalist did not dare to go out of car to personally witness the Biological Weapons and asked the host to rush out of the spot, in a severe state of panic. He cancelled the rest of the trip and decided to return to Islamabad. On their way back, the gust asked the local journalist to give him further details about this Biological Weapons shit (though it was an issue of shit in real too). The local hero, without realizing that his single wrong word over the issue can put his Motherland in a severe jeopardy, though that it must be some hot issue and would earn him some bucks from the Gora Saab, said that he was ready to give him some details but the Bio Weapons issue was not part of the deal so he will charge more for any info in this regard. The Western guest agreed and then the host told him that Pakistan was running the Bio Weapons program for quite some time and that the factories were located in the bushy areas and near the grazing fields (where cows and buffalos go for grazing and leave behind dung which is later collected by women to make dung cakes) at remote villages and that some locals were already using some low velocity Biological Weapons Blah, Blah, Blah…….
Now the Western journalist, who was already looking for some such an arm twister for Pakistan and had actually embarked upon his journey to Pakistan for very this purpose, rushed to his room at a local five star hotel and developed the story that is mentioned on the top here and dispatched it to his head office through e-mail. He did not suffice on the info provided by the locally hired guy but ran some extra miles and added maximum spices to create a highly sensational lead for his Daily. He created some artificial intelligence sources and secured his sources behind the notions of anonymity. A study of the report, dispatched by the Western Journalist clearly indicates that he not only tried to push Pakistan in a highly embarrassing state, without confirming or re-confirming the hired guy’s info from any other source but also added maximum sensation and quoted certain out of the context incidents and factors to establish a certain anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan opinion among the Western readers. He did nothing else but just focused on as to how could he cause maximum damage to Pakistan and Muslim States. Luckily enough, for the said Western journalist and his newspaper that just when the final copy of that day’s edition of the said Daily was going to the press for printing with this story on top, a Bangladeshi, working in the editorial section of the said daily, intervened and asked the editor to withhold the news for one more day. He then rang up the said reporter on his cell phone in Pakistan and after asking a few questions, the gentleman dug out that it was actually the issue of dung cakes and not Bio Weapons and thus the story could never appear. But surprisingly, the Daily did not fired or sacked its reported who filed such a baseless report and pardoned him by saying that he actuall fell into the trap of his Pakistani sources and this trap was a part of a deep rooted conspiracy against the said Daily. The Management however issued a circular for its staff to be careful in future while interacting with “sources” in Pakistan.
This is actually one single example of what the hell is Western media doing against Pakistan all the time these days. It clearly indicates as to what intentions do the Western journalists harbour for Pakistan all the time and how cunningly they twist and spin the facts. It also exposes as to what sort of investigations do these Advanced journalists and their organizations make when they get some half cooked report against Pakistan in particular and rest of the Islamic States in general. This episode also reflects that to which extent certain unscrupulous and immoral Pakistan journalists go in their lust for money or fame…… Makhdoom Babar (Editor-in-Chief)

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