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Indian terrorism invites global attention
By Makhdoom Babar

Despite the holding of Indo-US joint military exercises near Agra, the on-going US led war against terrorism may take a new turn as the US and its war allies particularly France and the Britain are set to launch an intensive probe into India’s involvement in Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Karachi, killing some French Navy officials who were collaborating with Pakistan in a defence project The Daily Mail has credibly learnt.
Highly informed sources revealed that the US, the French and the British counter terrorism specialists, who were constantly keeping a very vigilant eye on the affairs of the Indian intelligence agencies, particularly Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), very strongly believe that while the Indian Government and its political leadership has constantly been claiming to be the champion of the cause of anti-terrorist campaigns, its own intelligence agencies have been causing first degree terrorist activities not only in the neighbouring countries but even beyond the regional ambits, making India a Numero Uno state, sponsoring organized terrorism in different parts of the world mainly targeting Pakistan, either covertly or overtly.
It is learnt that the above mentioned experts are of the firm view that RAW, India’s external intelligence agency, is not the only secret agency of India, assigned the duties to carry out subversive activities in Pakistan but in fact several other Indian agencies have also been given similar assignments. It is further learnt that Wednesday’s Karachi terror attack is also very strongly being linked with RAW and India’s Naval Intelligence. The aforesaid experts believe that the Indian agencies have caused this act of terrorism, as an attempt to achieve a number of goals, including halting of Pakistan’s foreign collaborated defence projects, blocking the flow of foreign investment etc.
According to The Daily Mail findings, the above mentioned specialists on counter-terrorism are carrying out their probe into the incident of Karachi while keeping in mind that the Indian agencies might have used the services of the ex-personnel of former Afghan secret agency KHAD who were hand picked by RAW several years ago and are being used by the agency very effectively for different overseas operations for past many years. It is learnt that after September 11 incident RAW is mainly using these ex-KHAD operators to carry out subversive activities in different parts of the world particularly Pakistan to easily shift the blame on al-Qaeda activists. The intelligence officials of the above mentioned countries are of the firm view that even if the terrorists behind Karachi incident were some Afghans, they were surely having a full backing of a highly organized agency who prepared a fool-proof plan for them. The intelligence analyst argue hat executing such a fool-proof and professionally organized plan was not possible for al-Qaeda men alone as they are running for their lives, apparently having no communication set up to chalk out and organize such a massive destruction plan. According to them only a hostile secret agency like RAW can orchester any such terrorist attack. It is learnt that the investigators are also yet to conclude whether Wednesday’s attack was a suicidal mission or the terrorists lost their lives in ignorance.
These intelligence analysts also believe that the al-Qaeda or other religiously motivated activists can gain nothing out of killing the French Naval engineers and such an activity can only be carried out by a very cunning enemy of Pakistan who desires to strongly harm Pakistan’s foreign collaborated defence projects and its further enhancements in this field. They are of reported to be the view that the Wednesday’s attack might have been planned by the Indians when they started their new Naval ventures with Russian and Israeli collaboration, which includes the assembling of a powerful electro accelerating machine i.e. Kilo-Ampere Liner Injector (KALI) etc.
According to The Daily Mail findings, a Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) at Delhi assigned terrorist and sabotage duties to the Intelligence Bureau, RAW, Military Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, Air Intelligence, Special Frontier Force, Joint Cipher Bureau etc. All these agencies have been actively executing plans of terrorism formulated by the succeeding governments in many countries of the region, particularly Pakistan.
The Daily Mail findings further reveal that the RAW, established in 1968, was given the special assignments to launch a multi-dimensional secret war against Pakistan. The formation of RAW was created with the specific purpose that Pakistan should not be given enough room to strengthen itself and incapacitate it to broaden its relations with different influential countries by creating occasional internal unrest and anarchy. The other aim behind its formation was to destabilize Pakistan’s economy and cripple its nuclear programme.
The Daily Mail investigations indicate that RAW had been playing the leading role for India to achieve the above mentioned objectives. It supported and financed an ethnic organization in urban areas of Sindh and later transformed it into a militant terrorist organization. The RAW also patronized another Pakistani organization in the Seraiki area, promoted its activities with financial support. It also organized an International Seraiki Conference in Delhi in early nineties.
According to a report, RAW has an extensive network of its agents in Pakistan who were infiltrated into the country mainly during 1983 and 1993. According to these reports the number of RAW operatives in Sindh was estimated to be around 12,000, in Punjab nearly 1,000, 8,000 in NWFP and 5,000 in Balochistan. It is learnt that it has as many as 40 terrorist training camps at Rajesthan, East Punjab, Held Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India.
Apart from launching the propaganda, the economy and psychological warfare the RAW has been indulging in a series of terrorist activities in Pakistan. Many of the major terrorist attacks, carried out in Pakistan by RAW have been acknowledged by independent international observers such as Foundation of American Society (FAS), owing to the overwhelming evidences left by the agency behind.
These terrorist activities include:
A car bomb explosion in Saddar Area Peshawar on 21 December, 1995, causing death of 37 innocent people and injuring over 50 others.
An explosion at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital Lahore on 14 April 1996 claiming the lives of 7 persons and injuring some 34 others.
A bomb blast near Bhaipheru in a passenger bus, traveling from Lahore to Sahiwal on 28 April 1996, killing 44 people on the spot and wounding another 30.
A bomb explosion in a bus near Sheikhupura on 8 May, 1996, killing 7 people and injuring 29.
A bomb explosion near Alam Chowk, Gujranwala, causing a significant number of casualties on June 10, 1996.
A bomb explosion in a passenger bus near Kharian on 10 June, 1996.
A bomb explosion outside Madrassah Faiz-ul-Islam Rawalpindi on 10 June, 1996.
A bomb blast at Faisalabad railway station on 8 July, 1996.
A bomb blast in Rawalpindi.
A bomb blast in Lahore.
A bomb blast at Sabzi Mandi of Islamabad on 19 September, 2000, killing 20 people and injuring nearly 80 others etc.
Apart from these blasts the RAW has carried out a number of other subversive activities including sniper’ firing and grenade attacks on Mosques, Imam Bargahs, and other religious places, printing and distribution of inflammatory religious literature. Punjab has remained the main target of RAW activities during the past few years where 224 bombs were exploded by RAW agents during the past 13 years or so resulting in the killing of 554 innocent citizens and injuring 2958 others. The RAW was most active during the year 1996. During the year 2000 there have been 18 bomb attacks in Punjab, eight in Punjab alone killing 13 persons.
In May, 1999 the US State department, in its annual report on terrorism, spared three lengthy paragraphs for Pakistan (as a victim of terrorism and sectarian strife). It is learnt that the US authorities strongly believe that RAW and some other Indian intelligence agencies have been the only source of terrorism in Pakistan.
The Daily Mail findings indicate that there is a great resentment and disliking for RAW among the International Intelligence community as RAW operates in a Mafia style, each time overstepping the limits of Intelligence operations. The RAW really earned a bad name right in the beginning as it hatched a conspiracy to get its own Premiers assassinated including Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. It is popularly believed that Indira’s assassination was planned by RAW for not following her policy towards the Sikh community on the required lines and Rajiv was removed from the scene as he was about to change policy towards the Tamil separatists and Sri Lanka. He was also likely to carry out a large scale reshuffling in RAW and a detailed audit of the agency’s secret funds after its failure in implementing some heavily paid operations. Moreover some of the RAW operations, executed through the cold blooded professionals of the underworld, had reflected poorly on the agency image. The other factor which went against RAW was the hijacking drama of an Indian Airliner to Lahore in 1971, to give a terrorist dimension to the freedom movement in the held valley. However, soon the extent of RAW’s involvement was made public.
The RAW has not only indulged in cross border terrorism, it has also played a very significant role in creating and funding militant and terrorist political and under cover extremist religious parties within India and other countries of the region. It plays a key role not only in the national politics but also tries to have an impact on the political life of other regional countries.
According to The Daily Mail findings, RAW is the godfather of some hostile and terrorist political and fundamentalist parties of India including the Hindu Dharma Raksha Samiti (HDRS), Bajrang Dal (BD) Rashtria Sawayamsevak Sankh (RSS) Shiv Sena (SS) etc. RAW not only played a vital role in establishing and organizing these parties but it constantly financing and patronizing them with full strength.
The agency uses these parties not only to carve out a role for itself in the internal politics but to divert the international focus from its terrorist activities. Just recently, RAW after carrying out a terrorist attack in Islamabad, brought forwarded its yet another brainchild, identified as Hindu Sena Rashtria Sankh Party (HSRSP) to take the responsibility of the Islamabad bomb blast. This the agency did after the US and other intelligence agencies, clearly blamed RAW for the blast in their respective reports and so did the international media in different parts of the world.
The Daily Mail has learnt that RAW uses these parties and groups for multidimensional purposes including pressurizing the government in certain matters, launching offensives against the Delhi based diplomats and organizing cleansing of the minorities in the country. RAW had ‘effectively’ been using the HRDS, the BD, the RSS, the SS etc., against the minorities in India. It is further learnt the recent spate of violence against Muslims in Gujarat and ones before against Christians by Hindu extremist of Sangh Prewar who believe that western ideas and civilization is anti-thesis of Hindu mythology of Hindutva is also a source of prime concern for the policy makers in the western countries. Simultaneously, it sponsors numerous projects directly or indirectly to refuel its propaganda war against Pakistan. It is now on record and proved beyond doubts that RAW owns the clandestine proprietorship of India’s leading TV network, ZEE TV beside funding a number of anti-Pakistan and anti-two nations theory based films, seminars and literature.
The Daily Mail findings reveals that RAW and Ministry of External Affairs at Delhi are provided with Rs 25 crore annually as “discretionary grants” for foreign operations. These funds have been used to support organizations fighting Sikhs and Kashmiri movement in the UK, Canada and the United States. An extensive network of RAW operatives is controlled by the Indian Embassy in the US capital Washington DC.
The Daily Mail investigations indicate that the Washington based Indian embassy’s covet activities reportedly include infiltration of US long distance telephone carriers by Indians operatives, with access to all kinds of information to black ail the relatives of US residents, living in India. According to The Daily Mail findings, a US based Indian diplomat, who later turned out to be an undercover RAW agent, was implicated in a scandal over illegal funding of political candidates in the US as according to the American law, foreign nationals are prohibited from contributing to the federal election.
Later the US District Court in Baltimore, sentenced Lalit H Gadhia, a naturalized Indian of the US origin, to three months imprisonment after Gadhia confessed that he worked as a conduit between the Indian Embassy and various Indian-American organizations for funneling campaign contributions to influence US lawmakers. It was disclosed that over $46,000 were distributed among 20 candidates of the US Congress. Source of the cash used by Gadhia was an undercover RAW agent at the Indian embassy, identified as Devendra Singh. The money was distributed among Democratic Congress candidates including senators Charles S Robbs (D-Va), Paul S. Sarbanes (D-Md), and representatives Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md) and Steny H. Hoyor (D-Md).
Similarly, RAW’s involvement in the similar matters in Sri Lanka also remained on peak over the years. During the course of investigations, india’s Jain Commission eceived testimony on the official Indian support to various Sri Lankan Tamil armed groups in Tamil Nadu. The Daily Mail findings indicate that from 1981, RAW and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) established a network of as many as 30 training bases for these groups within the Indian territory. Centres for this purpose were also established at a high security military installations of Chakrata, near Dera Dun and Ram Krishna Puram Area of New Delhi.
According to the reports, the training and support to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) by RAW is going on at the same level and with the same speed. RAW has a long history of its activities in Bangladesh, supporting the secular forces and the Hindu minority. RAW’s involvement in the then East Pakistan started at very early stage. It funded Sh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman’s elections campaign in 1970 and provided both funds and training to Mukti Bahini.
According to some reports, RAW has now focused on the present Bangladeshi leadership.
Other victims f RAW activities include Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives etc. The Daily Mail findings reveals that in 1972, RAW targeted Sikkim and succeed in installing a pro-Indian democratic government there and eventually by April 26, 1975, Sikkim became 22nd state of the Indian Union. Similarly RAW, in November 1988 tasked some 200 Tamil secessionists who were on it’s pay role, to stage a drama of an uprising on the island of Maldives, from the platform of Eelam People’s Liberation Front (EPLF). The move forced the Maldivian President Mamoon Abdul Qayyum to seek the support of Indian armed forces. The Indian forces easily “quelled” the “insurgency”, which in fact was engineered and nurtured by RAW itself. The situation brought Maldives under the influence of India. RAW has also a huge set up in Nepal, particularly at it’s capital Khatmandu. The intelligence community around the world term Kathmandu as the foreign headquarters of RAW. It is reported that the majority of the personnel of at the Indian Diplomatic Mission in Nepal is that of the RAW agents. However reports emerging in the international press indicate that RAW has a huge presence of its operatives in all of its diplomatic missions abroad, particularly in the US, UK, China, Pakistan, UAE, South Africa etc.
No one can say what is cooking up for which country right now at the desks of high command of RAW and who is going to be the next victim of this Mafia style terrorist Agency of India. But one thing can be said for sure that it is about time for the countries of the region to form a joint Intelligence set up to counter the RAW activities. It is imperative for the international community to declare India as a state sponsoring terrorism.

(The activities of other Intelligence agencies of India, executing terrorism against Pakistan and some other countries will be highlighted in the next The Daily Mail report very soon).

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