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Indian extremists now establish suicide squads
By Makhdoom Babar

Saffron terrorist groups belonging to Sangh Parivar have been behind several suicidal attacks and assassinations in Pakistan and India reveals the latest findings of Daily Mail Investigation Cell (DMIC). These findings disclose that the pronouncement made last year by Shiv Sena’s Bal Thakeray to setup Hindu suicide squads to target Muslims and Pakistan was not a random thought but actually an admittance in frustration of a longstanding policy of Saffron terrorist groups in India. The terrorist activities and training needs of these groups are closely coordinated by the Indian intelligence agencies particularly RAW, which often relies on Saffron volunteers of these groups to carry out missions with high risk of life.
The admittance manifested a long-standing internal feud amongst Hindutva groups vying for ascendancy with each other. Although Bal Thackeray is probably the most popular icon with cultist following amongst the Hindu fanatics yet more recently he has shown signs of frustration that this popularity has not translated in electoral successes outside his home state of Maharashtra. Much to Thackeray’s annoyance when it comes to votes, BJP through a broader and more organized supporting network of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal managed to steel electoral success at the cost of Sena. Although his Shiv Sena (Hindu God Shiv’s Army) is in coalition with BJP in the Union Government and in the state of Maharashtra, Thakeray is not happy with the portfolios allotted to his party.

Thakeray who has always maintained big political ambitions now wants to assume the image of militant Hindutva’s sole champion in a bid to woo many elements in the ranks and file RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal that are disillusioned with the BJP. These disgruntled elements regard top leadership of BJP, all of whom incidentally are concurrent members of RSS and VHP, to be “soft paddling” on converting India into a Hindu Rashstra (Hindu State) by making Muslims and Christians subservient. A Minister in Indian Cabinet reflected these sentiments last year in his proclamation that “everyone living in India must either be a Hindu or subservient to Hindus”. Nonetheless, the core supporters of militant Hindutva feel that time was ripe to make this declaration and the doctrine of Hindu Rashstra to become a state policy by formally ending the secular constitutional status of India. Sensing the infuriation of these elements Thackeray finally let the cat out the bag in a further recruitment drive of Hindu fanatics to his camp by giving an open call for Hindu suicide squads.

DMIC findings further reveal that concept of suicide squads was introduced in South Asia for the first time by the Indian intelligence agency RAW when it trained the Tamil separatists groups of Sri Lanka such as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) to start militant secessionist movement based on terrorism in the Sri Lankan Jaffna peninsula. DMIC has learned that two names that surfaced in November last year in connection with Hindu Atma Ghataki Pathak (Hindu Suicide Squad), General (Retd.) Premnath Hoon former Chief of Western Command and presently Chief of Shiv Sena’s Military Wing and Colonel (retd.) Jayant Chitale, had served on deputation with RAW imparting training on the Sri Lankan Tamil militants. It was because of his fanatic motivation that Chitale was also summoned to participate in Operation Blue Star during which Indian army had ransacked Sikh holy shrine of Golden Temple Amritsar in 1984, killing several Sikh pilgrims.

DMIC finding disclosed that Justice (Retd.) Jain, commissioned to investigate and report on the murder of late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, assassinated by an LTTE suicide killer, documented the existence of ‘militant’ training camps for LTTE and other Sri Lankan Tamil secessionist groups through out India, under the aegis of RAW and other Indian intelligence and Security agencies. According to DMIC findings former Indian Prime Minister of India V.P. Singh disclosed during his in camera disposition before the Jain Commission on 5th November 1996 that the first batch of training of Sri Lankan Tamil militants was done by India in 1983 under the orders of then Prime Minister (Late) Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The camp was located at Chakrata, Tamil Nadu. Singh, however, declined to disclose exact location citing national security reasons. According to him all militants were also provided with weapons and monetary backup to carryout activities inside of Sri Lanka. He further disclosed that ironically late Rajiv Gandhi also encouraged and supported training of LTTE and other Tamil militant groups.

Former Indian Foreign Secretary Salman Haider also provided a very incisive insight to the Commission in his affidavit number 343/96-JCI. Haider who was liaising between the LTTE terrorist maestro leader Prabharkaran and Indian Intelligence agencies at one time disclosed “in the beginning Mrs. Indira Gandhi entrusted full responsibility of providing military training to Sri Lankan Tamil militants to Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing popularly known as RAW”. Prabharkaran was however, not pleased with the share of spoils that local RAW operatives were doling to LTTE in comparison with TELO, EROS, EPRLF, TEA and some other separatist groups, He thus asked for Haider’s intervention, upon which the former arranged a meeting of Prabharkran with the officials of Indian Intelligence Bureau (IIB). Thus training of LTTE was shifted to IIB from RAW. This created an inter intelligence agency rivalry and according to Haider RAW was behind attacks by Tamil Elam Liberation Organization (TELO) and Elam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) on LTTE.

Former Advisor (to Mrs. Gandhi) K. Mohandas in his affidavit number 64/92-JCI disclosed to the Commission that different intelligence agencies and Prime Minister’s advisors were vying with each other to provide training and facilitating the Lankan Tamil militants. Military training was provided by central agencies in Union government controlled camps in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnatka, Uttar Pardesh, Kerala, New Delhi and elsewhere. According to Mohandas militants were trained, armed and launched into Sri Lanka to carry out subversion and attacks. Perhaps his most shocking revelation was that the LTTE and other militant groups were also provided training in the Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun, which incidentally is the basic military training institution for officers of Indian army, equivalent of Pakistan Military Academy.

In the meanwhile RAW started a parallel terrorist training programme targeted against Pakistan. It encouraged fanatic Hindu groups such as Shiv Sena, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Saffron Tigers, Soldiers of Hindutva, Hindu Jagran Munch and others to maintain their own trained militant squads. These militants are trained in rioting and indiscriminate killing of minority communities in mob attacks, particularly Muslims and Christians, where simple small arms such as machetes, trishols, and staffs prove lethal owing to the sheer numbers of attackers and the impunity with which they operate owing to state backing. Diehard volunteers are picked for elite squad from these disciples who are then trained for more sophisticated targeted assassinations and terrorist acts. These RAW trained terrorist groups have carried out several attacks inside Pakistan. The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) has also cited some such terrorist attacks by RAW operatives.

According to DMIC findings the fanaticism of these Hindu suicide squads has taken a spine shuddering concept in ‘target reverse’ suicide attacks recently witnessed in India. Hindu fanatics in fact conduct the reverse suicidal attacks against there own community, temples and even government installations to blame Pakistan and Muslims. The attacks on Indian parliament in 2001, Godhra train fire in Gujarat and attack on Akshardham temple in Gujarat last year, which India blamed on ISI, were actually works of these reverse suicide squads. Pertinent is the fact that none of the perpetrators were arrested in these incidences and the all died in the act or killed by security forces. Whereas, logically speaking, the emphasis of Indian authorities should have been to catch them alive to ‘unearth the so called Pakistan sponsored links’ of these persons. However, this never happened as the objectives of these suicide missions were to raise ante in India’s game to malign Pakistan, justifying aggressive posturing on borders, giving boost to the slumping popularity of ruling coalition in India and putting pressure on west particularly USA to keep Pakistan at an arm’s length. Arrest of persons carried risk of disclosure of truth of their Hindu militant identity at some stage, whereas dead do not talk.

It may be recalled that the official findings of Forensic Science Laboratory of Ahmedabad, revealed that the fire in the train was set from within the train compartment and not from any outside pouring of gasoline as alleged by Hindu fanatics. According to, Forensic Science Laboratory’s Assistant Director M J Dahiya about 60 litres of highly inflammable material, probably petrol was responsible for the fire in the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express at Godhra. Giving evidence before the Justice G T Nanavati and Justice Shah Commission of Inquiry, Dahiya had ruled out the possibility of the coach catching fire from outside as that would have left its effect on the outside of the coach. Besides, the quantity of fuel required to set it on fire could not have been poured from outside. He said that a large number or quantity of burning objects or liquids could not have been thrown inside and neither would burning rags alone result in such a big fire that burnt the entire coach in just 40 minutes. It is pertinent that all the passengers inside the compartment comprised Hindu Kersevaks, as it was a train especially reserved for them and the group members knew each other. The doors and windows of the train had been closed from inside to avoid stones pelting from outside. There was no chance for an outsider to get in to set fire as he or she would have immediately spotted. Thus it was clear act of a Hindu suicide volunteer carrying large quality of inflammable liquid, who self immolated to create raison d’ etre for carrying out Gujarat carnage.

DMIC has learned that aside from Pakistan more recently Bangladesh has become a major target of Saffron terrorist activities. Hindu extremist in India and RAW could not reconcile with the idea that after separating from Pakistan, Bangladesh wants to assert its independence and maintains good friendly relations with Pakistan. They would like to make it a vessel state actually under Indian rule but having legal independent status so that India can utilize its vote in the international organizations, like it does in case of Bhutan. RAW has already formulated Hindu Revolutionary Council in Bangladesh having a provisional cabinet with its proposed capital in Shaktigarh, Chittagong. The VHP America and Hindutva Brotherhood are already trying to list support in USA. At the same time to strike a right cord in American hearts Indian External Affairs Ministry has started a vicious propaganda campaign that Al Qaeda fugitives were taking refuge in Bangladesh. Indian External Affairs Minister Yashwant Sinha has also harped the favourite Indian tune that ISI was using Bangladesh as base. On the other hand India has started an ethnic cleansing operation by rounding up slum dwelling Bengali Muslim population living in the West Bengal and Bihar states and pushing them across border into Bangladesh. It is also infiltrating many RAW operatives and Saffron terrorists into Bangladesh along with them.

This reminds one of Nepal, another South Asian state falling victim to similar Big Brother fiddling ploys of India. Making use of heavy presence of RAW network in Nepal, India has played havoc in that peaceful Himalayan country’s domestic politics. While world was still in a state of shock in the aftermath of 9/11, India utilized this opportunity to give big blow to Nepal’s existing political structures that had asserted their independence by refusing to tow Indian dictates.

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