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 Special Editorial

Isnít ISI the first defense line for regional, global peace?
By Makhdoom Babar (Editor-in-Chief)

ISI, (Inter Services Intelligence) is Pakistanís premier intelligence agency. The contributions of ISI with regard to curbing terrorism in the region are 2nd to none. In the past, ISI had to confront a variety of terrorist and subversive operations, launched in Pakistan and in the region by different intelligence and terrorist organizations of the world. The main players in this direction were RAW, Khaad, Mossaad, Sawak, KGB and to some extent, the CIA.
In the late 70s and early 80s, Americaís CIA and Pakistanís ISI emerged as worldís most effective intelligence partners when they had to confront the USSRís invasion of Afghanistan. With hands in glove, both the CIA and ISI worked with an amazing partnership and managed dramatically to help the cause of defeating the communists who had invaded Afghanistan. The professional partnership between the ISI & CIA during the Afghan war ear was glorified by not only the world media but it emerged as a textbook lesson for the entire globeís clandestine services community.
In her article published in the international media on Monday, April 20th, 2009, renowned American writer Sandra Johnson has termed the ISI as the first defense line of the entire world at the moment. She had urged the global community and particularly the American government to help and support ISI as this agency is fighting the war for the cause of peace and security across the globe. Sandra Johnson also appreciated the abilities of the current ISI Chief General Ahmad Shujaa Pasha and termed as the best professional to achieve the goals and the ISI as the best and the only spy organization to produce the best possible results in the war against terrorism. The Daily Mail argues that the onslaught of international and particularly the US media against the ISI is for what purposes? Is the media trial on ISI in the western and the Indian media based on getting best possible results out of the global anti-terror war or is the exercise being conducted to strengthen the terrorists and weaken the ISI?
The Daily Mail argues here that if the western media and the Indian press are desirous of dismantling the ISI, that in the words of Sandra Johnson and many other defense and intelligence observers, is, at the moment, First defence line of the entire world, then go ahead and try it. Letís freeze ISI for 24 hours. What global scenario one can imagine in those 24 hours? Militants crossing over to India, ETIM militants crossing over to China, armed freedom fighters crossing over to India, human bombs flying over to Europe and America? Yes! This could be the only scenario with ISI not existing. The contributions of ISI in curbing the terror in the region are a crystal clear signal for the global peace and security. The Daily Mail fully agrees with Sandra Johnsonís report and comments and opinions of the experts in that report. The Daily Mail also believes that the ISI is not only the first defense line of Pakistan but under the given situation, ISI is the first defense line of the entire world while the American CIA has miserably failed on securing the peace and security across the glob. The Daily Mail takes this opportunity to advise the CIA and other clandestine services of the world to help and strengthen the ISI as this agency is the key to overpower the menace of terrorism and extremism. Doubting ISIís sincerities in curbing terror is insane and making ISI trust the others, first ISI should be given the trust that in the post anti-terror war scenario, Pakistan would be safe from its Afghanistan border and all the disarmed militants would be rehabilitated in a dignified manner so that they are never a threat again. Only a fool can expect that ISI would deliver with 100% without any such guarantee or planÖ. Because the ISI, that every patriotic Pakistani believes, is the only body that is concerned about Pakistanís security and solidarityÖno one believes the politicians.


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