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Why the CIA is engaged in motivated campaigns against ISI, Pak Army?
By Sandra Johnson in Washington DC, Christina Palmer in New Delhi, Jamal Afghani in Kabul & Makhdoom Babar in Islamabad

Coffee and aspirin, aspirin and coffee, this is what the Chief of Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt.General Ehsan-ul-Haque was repeating after he went through the news on the website of a US newspaper in which, the news, filed by a US news agency claimed, quoting “US intelligence sources” that Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf survived the bomb attack on his motorcade because the President’s limousine was equipped with state-of-the-art jamming devices. The news appeared on 18th December,2003, just a short time, after Musharraf’s motorcade was attacked through a remote control device, connected to a cell phone on the bridge in Rawalpindi. “What the hell is this, we discussed this jamming device thing with them just a day before and they have leaked it to media straight away? What are they up to? Are they helping us or al-Qaeda by telling them that President’s car cannot be bombed through a remote device? What are they trying to guide these killers to that they must go for a suicide attack next time?”, he asked his aides, sitting there to discuss the issue. And believe it that after a gap some 15 to 20 days, Musharraf’s motorcade was subjected to a high profile suicide attack on the same road a just a few yards away from the previous incident. However the Pakistani President survived again.
Well, this has been the biggest dilemma of Pakistan’s ISI ever since Islamabad decided to be an ally in the global war on terror. Right from the day one, Pakistan’s foreign office and the ISI authorities have been complaining about constant leaking of intelligence reports and highly classified information to the US media by the “US Intelligence Sources” .The former President of the Islamic Republic, Pervez Musharraf, who was also the head of the country’s army, conveyed these reservations about Intelligence leakages, many times to the US authorities and also made it very clear to the former US President George W Bush that Pakistan and particularly the ISI was not comfortable at all with such a state of affairs. They were told that this menace of constant leakages of classified material to the US media had become a very big hardship for the continuation of anti-terror operations with accuracy and productivity.
Terrorism in nothing new to this Islamic Republic of South Asia that is also a nuclear power now, neither is its top security agency the ISI an alien to the operations of foreign Intelligence services against Pakistan. Starting from 1960s, when neighboring India’s counterpart of ISI, the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), commonly know as RAW, started small- scale sabotage activities in border towns like Sialkot, Shakar Garh and parts of Baluchistan, the ISI and other security agencies of Pakistan have been through a lot of encounters to prevent and counter anti-Pakistan sabotage activities by India’s R&AW, former Soviet Union’s KGB, Afghanistan’s Khaad, Iran’s Sawak, Israel’s Mosaad and even the Libyan MIF that carried out some sabotage operations after the hanging of the former Prime Minister of the country,. ZA Bhutto, a very special friend of Libyan ruler Gaddafi. However, the ISI or country’s other security agencies never had a problem with American CIA and in fact developed an amazing level of understanding and professional collaboration during the USSR’s invasion of neighboring Afghanistan. It appears that suddenly, after the demise of the Taliban government in Afghanistan and with growing influence of India’s R&AW in Afghanistan, the CIA preferred to have a hand in glove with R&AW as both the R&AW and the CIA were banking a lot on the 3trillion US Dollars drug money per year, that is generated through heroin production and its subsequent sale across the world. According to The Daily Mail’s investigations, certain wings of both the R&AW and CIA generate millions of dollars by providing or arranging safe passages for the drug traffickers of Afghanistan and India at many points across the world. They generate these funds to carry out certain unapproved operations. It was the Pakistani Army and ISI that unfolded some proofs of the same in this direction after which the CIA got extremely annoyed and finally opted to launch motivated campaigns against Pakistan’s ISI and Pakistani Army with the generous collaboration of India’s R&AW.
A former official of the UN office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) says that despite the fact that the cultivation of poppy crop across Afghanistan has risen dramatically after the Taliban era and dozens of heroin production factories have been established across the country, the CIA never showed any interest in recommending the US government to launch a crackdown on the heroin factories while these are the main source of financial aid to the militants and warlord of Afghanistan. The annoyance of CIA with Pakistani ISI and Army , according to some reports, reached the peak when an Indian defence official, posted at the Indian Embassy in Kabul and was actually a lynchpin between the Indian and Afghan drug dealers was killed in a suicide attack last year. Though the said Indian official was killed in carnage, scripted by Afghan President’s brother and world’s biggest Heroin producer Izzat Ullah Wasifi, after developing the doubts that the Indian was switching over the America’s DEA (Drugs Enforcement Agency), yet R&AW convinced the CIA that he was killed by the bombers, sent by ISI.
The recent blitzes on Pakistan Army and the ISI are crystal clear gifts of CIA. In the first attack, the Chairperson of the US Senate’s Committee on Intelligence Diane Feinstein came up with a very ridiculous and rather childish “disclosure” that the US Drones, named Predators were flying from certain ISI air bases within Pakistan and that the USAF or US Army had nothing to do with this activity. “Even a child knows that these Predators do fly from US base of Bagram in Afghanistan and there are no air bases owned by the ISI as ISI was an intelligence agency, relying on Pakistan Air Force and its bases for any air space or avionic support. Coming out with such a rubbish statement and that too, publicly, by the head US Senate’s Intelligence committee is very surprising”, commented a senior defence analyst, when contacted by The Daily Mail. He said this was nothing else but a bid to establish feelings of hatred against ISI, in the hearts of none other but Pakistan’s own people, whose interests the ISI was engaged in protecting throughout.
In the 2nd in row bid, an ordinary US journalist, belonging to the CIA blessed US daily The New York Times; named David E Sanger has come out with a book that can be described as nothing else but a perfect piece of trash and a very mediocre intelligence work. In his book, titled The Inheritance, Sanger claims, attributing to some highly classified files of the CIA and NSA that former Pakistani President Musharraf was playing a double game and making a double deal, on one side with American and on other side, with the Taliban. This is not the start of the great Sanger-CIA trash but he further claims that the CIA had been bugging or tapping the telephones of top Pakistani Army Generals including the Chief of the Army Staff and head of the top spy agency, the ISI and during these tappings, it was revealed to the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA) that top Generals of Pakistan were in comprehensive links with Taliban. “This Sanger trash is nothing but a double bullshit with a cherry on top. First of all in the Pakistan Army establishment, the Generals and Commanders do not use the ordinary telephone lines or the cellular or satellite phones. The Armed forces have their own, secured and dedicated phone lines and most of the time, dedicated for person to person conversation and no one from outside can, through any means, do the tapping or bugging of these highly secured and sophisticated phone lines. Secondly, I must tell you that such highly sensitive natured conversations are never made on phone lines, no where in the world, a fact that makes this Sanger stuff a complete piece of trash and bullshit,” said a former Chief of ISI adding that in no intelligence set up across the world, such advanced warnings are issued to any ally, the way Sanger has narrated in his book while mentioning an advance warning by some ISI officials to Taliban before launching an attack on a school in tribal areas of the country, where Pakistani Army and the ISI are fighting the worst ever battle with militants.
According to certain Western Intelligence observers and Media commentators, if for a minute, it is assumed that Sanger’s book was based on facts then it was really alarming to notice that what is the state of secrecy and security at the ends of CIA and NSA that any journalist can reach the highly classified documents of these two premier security agencies of America on whom millions of dollars of the US tax payers are spent every year? “ I wonder in that case, ISI’s complaints and Islamabad’s protests over constant leakages of classified information to the media by US intelligence authorities were one hundred percent accurate, commented David Smith, a senior journalist of a Washington based Media organization. The diplomatic analysts and intelligence observers say that it was surprising to observe that all the time, if CIA has something against Pakistan, how it reaches straight away to the journalists of New York Times, Washington Post or the CNN. How come the reporters of these media organization grab highly classified CIA reports, right on their desktops?
Taking exceptional note of the Sanger trash, former President Pervez Musharraf, for the first time after he left the Presidency, appeared before the media and categorically denied all the accusations, made in the Sanger-CIA trash. He clearly stated that if the Pakistan Army and the ISI were not sincere in global anti terror war in which the US why the front runner, then it was a big intelligence lap on part of the US that its agencies could not realize it and still ally to Pakistan in this anti-terror campaign. He also snubbed Sanger for his baseless accusations but said he would not press charges against Sanger because he was not that important and such a mischief does happen of and on. He however stated this state of affairs as a motivated campaign against Pakistan Army and ISI, terming both to be the custodians of Pakistan’s security and solidarity. He urged upon the media to expose the hands behind this anti-ISI and anti-Pak Army campaigns.

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