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Bill Gates Foundation mulls to sue CIA over Polio

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spent $85 million for Polio eradication in Pakistan | CIA’s using ant-Polio vaccination teams for spying in Pakistan earned major setback for anti-Polio campaign | Dirty CIA trick puts millions of Polio vulnerable Pak kids’ lives in double jeopardy with millions and millions in neighboring countries being on stake | China, India also stand threatened by consequences of CIA’s outrageous act of using volunteers as spies | A US-based Pakistani with family back in Pakistan also mulls moving US courts over the issue | After Dr. Shakeel episode, majority avoiding Polio vaccination teams | Gates briefed about Polio situation in Pakistan at Davos by jounalists

From Catherine Zhang

Davos (Switzerland) – Shocked by the shameful use of Polio vaccination teams in Pakistan by the US intelligence agency the CIA for espionage activities, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, commonly known as the Bill Gates Foundation is understood to have started mulling to sue the CIA over the issue which has caused a major set-back to Polio eradication campaign in Pakistan with Bill Gates foundation spending $85 million for the cause, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.

According to these investigations, Bill Gates, during his meeting with Pakistani Premier Yousaf Raza Gilani, got a very rosy picture of anti-Polio campaign in Pakistan. However, later an interaction with certain media persons, he was informed that the Polio vaccination campaign had suffered a major setback in Pakistan after it was established that America’s Central Intelligence Agency had been using the local anti-Polio vaccination teams across Pakistan for espionage activities including info on former Al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden and that the raid in Pakistani city of Abborabad by US seals was conducted on the info provided one of the Pakistani doctors, heading some anti-Polio vaccination teams in disguise. He was also informed that after this development, there was great deal of fear amongst the parents of millions of Polio vulnerable kids about even the genuine Polio Vaccinations teams and they suspect all of them being some foreign spies and thus were avoiding all such teams, subsequently leaving millions of such kids without getting the anti-Polio drops.

Bill Gates was also informed that after the dirty CIA trick was exposed, resulting into majority of parents, particularly in remote areas, avoiding to entertain anti-Polio teams, there was an alarming and sudden increase in the occurrence of Polio cases across Pakistan which touched the 21% in 2011 while it was on the constant decline before the shameful use of vaccination teams for espionage activities by CIA. He was informed that number of Polio cases was recorded as 36 in 2010 but instead of declining, owing to the growing espionage suspicions against the vaccination teams, it reached to 63 in 2011 after it was revealed that many anti-Polio vaccination teams actually comprised the CIA spies. Bill was also informed that many circles in Pakistan were suspecting as if B&MGF were facilitating the CIA as the Bill Gates Foundation was the most generous private donor for anti-Polio campaign in Pakistan, making $85 million for the noble cause. He was briefed that the dirty CIA game had not jeopardize the future of millions of Pakistani children but to this action of CIA, there was every likelihood of spreading of this menace virus to neighboring countries including China and India with populations in billions. According to the WHO, Pakistan has become a “hotbed” of the deadly strain of polio which threatens to spread globally if not checked.

The UNICEF too said recently that Pakistan could potentially be the last polio reservoir worldwide standing in the way of global polio eradication, unless progress was accelerated. According to the WHO, Pakistan is affected by nationwide transmission of WPV1, and is the location of the only wild poliovirus type 3 (WPV3) case in Asia in 2011. The WHO said that the deadly strain of polio has spread to China from Pakistan and travelers to and from Pakistan should be fully protected by vaccination. The WHO also warned countries ahead of the Hajj season. “Wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) genetically linked to virus currently circulating in Pakistan has been isolated in China,” the WHO said. Chinese news agency Xinhua also reported last year that four infants in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region had been diagnosed with Polio which had a 99 percent resemblance with the wild poliovirus found in Pakistan.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Mr. Gates was really found shocked to know about this state of affairs. Sources close to the B&MGF, requesting not to be quoted, told The Daily Mail that this spine chilling revelation it was being mulled at the top level of the Foundation to take legal action against the CIA as this act had not only harmed the anti-Polio campaign and put the health of millions of Pakistani children at stake but was also becoming a major threat for millions and millions of children across the world, especially those in neighboring India and China while it had also tainted the image of the foundation despite its donations of billions of dollars for the cause. These sources also said that one of the options available to the legal eagles of the Foundation while suing the CIA was to get court orders for immense financial assistance by CIA for Polio eradication across the world and particularly across Pakistan as a condensation for agency’s shameful and inhuman act. However no official comment over the issue could be ascertained from the B&MGF.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that a Boston (US) based Pakistani origin American whose family lives back in KP province of Pakistan is also planning to sue the CIA for causing immense damage to anti-Polio vaccination campaign by misusing the vaccinations teams for espionage activities as his kids were also not able to get Polio prevention drops to his in-laws’ fears about teams being CIA spies as wife was living with her parents in a remote village of FATA ( Federally Administered Tribal Areas). He says if any of his kids would suffer Polio, he will sue CIA for heavy damages while in the meantime he was discussion with his lawyers to file case against the agency for causing him mental trauma with outrageous act of using vaccination teams for espionage activities which resulted into acute reduction of administration of anti-Polio drops to millions of children’s across Pakistan and he continues to worry about the future health of his children.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that a Sweden-based NGO is also preparing to launch a world-wide campaign to highlight the consequences and aftermath of the unscrupulous and unethical of CIA which has put the future health of billions of children across the world, particularly in Pakistan making them quite vulnerable to the menace of Polio. The NGO that prefers to remain undisclosed until the launch of the campaign stated that it would launch media campaigns and a series of workshops and rallies across Europe and the US to highlight what was emerging out of the CIA’s unethical act of using anti-Polio vaccinators as spies.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that there were already some doubts amongst the people living in the far flung and rather deserted areas of KP and Baluchistan provinces as well as FATA about the Polio vaccination campaigns and all such campaigns in these areas were not much encouraged in the past. However after the US disclosure that it’s CIA used the vaccination teams as spies, the controversy got solid grounds and thus majority, since then started avoiding vaccinating their kids through all such teams. These investigations indicate that that though the aftermath of the CIA’s unethical act is affecting mainly the rural areas of country, yet the major threat of Polio also looms mainly in the same remote areas. Though there was less discussions and reservations about the anti- Polio vaccination teams in the major cities, yet former CIA Chief and current Secretary of Defense of the US, Leon Panetta’slatest statement in which he not only re-admitted using the anti-Polio vaccination teams as spies, has put the parents in the grip of an added fear about the currently operating vaccination teams which has come as yet another setback to the Polio eradication campaign. It is learnt that the elite class has started preferring to take their kids to hi-fi private hospitals and clinics for anti-Polio vaccinations while the middle class and lower middle class is opting to go to government hospitals while only the acute lower class is getting their children vaccinated through the mobile vaccinations teams in major cities and urban areas of the country. It is believed that if no solid move is made in this direction and unless the CIA tainted image of the genuine Polio vaccination teams is not tremendously restored, there is a very serious risk of dramatic spread of Polio in Pakistan and the region.

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