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RAW Kidnaps Three Pakistanis For Use In Future Terror Dramas To Blame ISI


From Ajay Mehta

NEW DELHI—In a rather mysterious move, Indian intelligence agency, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) on Friday kidnapped three Pakistani nationals from New Delhi after they had completed their sentence in prison and the Indian authorities had taken them to a hospital, prior to deport them back to Pakistan, reveal the findings of the investigations made into the matter by The Daily Mail.
According to The Daily Mail’s findings the Delhi Police, on the evening of the 1st of January, 2010 announced that three ‘high profile terrorists, belonging to Pakistan managed to escape from the official custody while the authorities had taken them to an official hospital to meet the procedure, required to deport them to their home country as they had completed the term of the sentence, awarded to them by the court, some ten years back.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that three Pakistanis, kidnapped by RAW officials on Friday, were earlier arrested on October 30, 2000, from Rohtak and Delhi by RAW with the allegations that they were possessing a huge quantity of arms and ammunition, including 17 kg of high-grade RDX as well as 50 kg of heroin etc and were convicted accordingly. They were subsequently sent to prison where they completed their respective sentences in December last and were now in the process of being deported back to home country. The three, identified as Sadiq, Rafaqat Ali and Razzak are officially reported to be aged 55, 56 and 61 years, respectively.
“They were not in the custody of the police. But they were under restraint orders of the FRRO. They were being taken to Guru Nanak Eye Hospital by Meghalaya police personnel who were on deputation to the Delhi Police’s Special Branch when they fled. We have registered a case and are searching for them,” Joint Commissioner of Police Karnal Singh said while talking to the media on Saturday.
However, the investigations of The Daily Mail reveal that the administration of the Guru Nanak Eye Hospital expresses its complete ignorance about the incident. “I do not remember any such case in last few days. We are verifying our records, but if any such incident would have taken place, it was supposed to be reported immediately as it is not a small matter. So far we have not even been contacted by Intelligence or Police official about this matter officially and only thing that we know in this direction is what we have heard or seen from the media reports,” the hospital’s Additional Medical Superintendent, Shashi Gururaja, said when contacted by The Daily Mail. Shashi also stated that it was not possible for people with ages of 55 years to 61 years to have escaped so easily particularly when they have spent last ten years in prison while he also stated that the hospitals own security was foolproof. Shashi Gururaja further clarified that in any case, to ensure the custody of the prisoners brought to hospital was no the responsibility of hospital administration as it was the sole duty of the relevant law enforcing officials. He expressed his surprise over Joint Police Commissioner Karnal Singh’s statement.
“We have announced a reward of Rs 50,000 each for providing information on the three Pakistanis. We have also released their pictures,” a senior police official said on Sunday, while after the escape, Delhi Police registered a fresh case against the trio for violating the restraint order under the Foreigners’ Act, a senior police official said. Home Ministry officials said an alert has been sounded in Delhi and adjoining areas to nab them.
The Daily Mail’s finding indicate that that some mysterious persons with underworld links (RAW links) as well as some officials of Maharashtra police, including a police inspector of Mumbai, identified as Inspector Tulsidas Khakkad of anti-extortion cell and a constable with the name Talu Salunke from Chembur police station of Mumbai’s suburbs were amongst the regular visitors of the kidnapped trio at the prison. According to head constable Manohar (the name has been change for the safety of the source) of the prison complex where the trio served the sentence for about a decade, the three Pakistani inmates throughout remained rather isolated from other prisoners and never tried to other prisoners of the Muslims community that were brought to prison on small and big crimes. Manohar however recalls that for the past couple of years, the trio was suddenly started visited by certain mysterious people including some cops. “ In the beginning, I thought the people that were visiting the trio were the people of famous Pakistani Don, Dawood Ibrahim but one day a colleague told me that he identified a couple of them as the workers of Mumbai’s underworld mafia Don Chhota Rajan. (Chhota Rajan is actually the head of Special Operations Division of RAW). I, later, also identified some of the visitors as members of Rajan gang while a couple of them I saw, earlier visiting as RAW officials to interrogate some other criminals. However, for the past one year or so, Inspector Tulsidas Khakkad of Mumbai’s police and constable Talu of Chembur police station of Mumbai also started meeting the trio and would come with some gifts for them including sweets on Eid etc”, asserted Manohar while giving his account to The Daily Mail. Manohar also says that all the three maintained very good behavior during their stay at the prison and were not in good health for the past few years. He said that the two, Sadique and Rafaqat used to respect Razzak as he was elder and would address him as Haji Saab. To a question, Manohar says that he learnt that Razzak’s was going to perform Hajj and prior to that had come to meet some relatives in India but was arrested in some terrorism case while he was around 51 years old at the time of arrest. Razzak would often cry in the prison, saying that he was about to go to Mecca to perform Hajj but the Indian intelligence officials criminally framed him in a fake case and deprived him of his life’s biggest desire.
Manohar said that upon this, almost all the cellblock inmates started calling Razzak as Haji Saab to cheer him up. Manohar also to The Daily Mail that Razzak had developed some heart trouble around three years back and was living a quite life since then and would avoid any stressful thing.
He also said that the two others were also not enjoying very good health as were often sent to prison’s hospital for medical treatments with complaints of asthma, cardio-vascular problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.
One of the cellblock inmates of the missing trio, Yadav, (name changed for the safety of the source) when contacted by this scribe as a visitor, told that the trios was known to him for the just last 2 years. Yadav says that he was brought to the same block of the prison as he was sentenced for 5 years in a case by the end of 2007. “After a few months, I developed good friendly relations with all the three of them. The told me that they had nothing to do with any terror move and knew nothing about any Don or any Jihadi organization. Sadiq told me that he had come to pay a visit to Khwaja Chishti’s Dargah (Shrine) at Ajmer but was abducted by some people from the bus stand of Ajmer while he was visiting India on proper passport and valid visa. He told me later he was tortured too much and was made to make a few confessions before the court which he did to avoid further physical torture. Almost same was the story of the rest of the two. Haaji ( Razzak) was the much depressed out of the three as he would often curse the time when he decided to come and meet some close relatives in India while he was set to go and perform Hajj in a couple of months. All the 3 were not very religious minded and were not regular in offering prayer but would hardly miss the Friday prayer. They were not in good health as they had developed multiple diseases including heart trouble, blood pressure etc. They were very happy when last month they were told that they were to return home by January 2010 as their sentence was completed,” asserted Yadav. To a question, Yadav said that he ask them once that who were the people that had been coming to see them in prison with gifts etc and Razzak and Sadiq told him that they did not know those people but those people identified themselves as frequent business travelers to Pakistan and claimed of knowing some of their friends and relatives in Pakistan.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that RAW, for the past many years is following the policis of Israeli intelligence agency Mossaad. With this physical torture oriented policy, Mossaad has managed to create many fake terrorists out of the innocent Palestinians and made them to confess the crimes they never committed. The Daily Mail’s finding indicate that these tactic were adopted by RAW in the late 90s and suddenly the number of Pakistanis, arrested in India with terror charges started increasing dramatically by the late 90s while Ajmal Kasab being the latest in the series.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that the three old-age Pak nationals, that have now been kidnapped by RAW, have been abducted for two reasons. The tops reason is that RAW would like to use these “Absconding Terrorists” to add colour to some new terror drama to blame Pakistan and ISI to be patronizing them in near future or to kill them in some fake encounter with claims that they were killed while plotting some terror attack. The second reason behind this abduction appears to be that at this particular stage, RAW and the Indian government do not want at all that some Pakistanis who were framed in fake terror case and served imprisonment in India, should now, after being released, go back home safely and narrate their respective factual accounts to the media as such a move can expose further the drama through which the RAW and the Indian government framed an innocent Pakistani, Ajmal Kasab and presented him to the world as a Pakistani terrorist. Kasab case has already taken a unique turn, as unlike the mission trio, Ajmal Kasab has taken a u-turn in the court and has stated that he was tortured to make confessions by RAW and Police. Kasab case also went out of the hands of the Indians when a Delhi based- lawyer, in another case, proved that RAW and Police often frame innocent Pakistanis in fake terror cases and on the grounds of proofs, he managed to get two such accused released by the courts.
The Daily Mail’s findings also indicate that some five cops of Maharashtra police have been proved having links with RAW’s Chhota Rajan gang and have been suspended already by the top authorities. These findings indicate that 2 out of these underworld linked cops are those who have been seeing the missing trio at prison and to be more precise, these two are Inspector Tulsidas Khakkad and constable Talu Salunke This proves that Head Constable Manohar’s statement into the issue was based on facts and RAW was already planning to get hold of the three Pakistanis before they were to be deported back to Pakistan. It proves that the said three Pakistanis would soon be shown killed in some encounter or re-arrested in some “anti-terror operation” as police and Home Ministry have already issued red alert over the “escape” of “Pakistani terrorists.”
Talking to The Daily Mail, Dr. P J Arora, a seasoned criminology analyst said that he was shocked to see that three prisoner, in the ages of 50s and 60s, after completing their terms in prison for over a decade where they were never reported to be involved in any bid of a prison break etc. escaped from the official custody while they were just about to be sent back home and that too on the official expenditures. “I cannot believe this bullshit and I am sure no person with a sane mind would do so. A person when he has completed a term in prison is set to be a free bird in matter of hours and is fully aware of it, would never make such a blunder and in this case, these huffing oldies with last ten years in prison could not even imagine of doing such an act and even if they desire so, where would they get energy to do so. They had no money, they had no valid traveling documents, they were set to be sent home, their traveling expenditures were being born by the government, their traveling documents were prepared by the government and they were set be traveling back home through a safe, unpaid journey and right at that moment, they escaped and fled? Who will buy this,” asked Dr. Arora.



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