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India set to hold mega prostitution extravaganza thru 19th Commonwealth Games

From Christina Palmer and Ajay Mehta

The host cities of India for the upcoming 13th Commonwealth Games are all set to hold mega prostitution extravaganza during the games, scheduled to be starting from October 3rd, 2010 and the “escort” companies and pimps have got an unofficial nod of the Indian government in this regard, reveal the findings of The Daily Mail’s investigations.The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that the organized escort agencies, both big and small scale, from Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Bangalore, hotbeds for A-list prostitutes, are already at the drawing board, listing out the probables that will be sent to service the over one hundred thousand visitors to the 2010 Commonwealth games.
These investigations further reveal that While precise numbers cannot be ascertained, the shortfall in the number of women available in New Delhi is approximately 50 per cent, of which 25 per cent will be met by the cities named above. The other 25 per cent will be sourced from Punjab and Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and the North East. The 10, 00,000, figure includes sportspersons, officials and visitors to the games.
The Daily Mail’s investigations into the matter further disclose that the Indian organizers of the Games and the trainers of the participating Indian athletes, both are falling much short of what is required from them.
The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that there had been a great controversy between the Indian organizers of the even and the officials of the Commonwealth Games Federation coordination committee regarding the preparations of the venues to hold the mega sports event in the befitting manners. According to these investigation the opposition party in the Indian parliament is also not satisfied with the state of the affairs with regards to the preparations of the event by the Indian organizers. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday charged the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and the Delhi government with “misleading” the people of the country about the preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in the national capital.
Addressing a press conference, here the other day, BJP general secretary Vijay Goel said: “It is sad that over the past few days, the Indian Olympic Association has been trying to create a false impression that visiting Commonwealth Games Federation president Michael Fennell was satisfied with the preparations for the games.” He also claimed that Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s statements that Fennell was satisfied with the preparations are “false”. Goel said Fennell later said that more than the construction of the stadiums, he was upset with the lack of coordination and work on operational issues as well as security during the games.
Goel, during whose term as sports minister in the then National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, the Commonwealth Games were allotted to Delhi, said: “Now it is high time we stop covering up and work out the logistics to ensure the success of the games in a transparent manner.” On the other side, taking the first step towards brokering peace between the 2010 Organising Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation, Sports
Minister MS Gill on Tuesday met OC chairman Suresh Kalmadi to discuss the vexed issues that have hit the capital’s preparation for the event.
Kalmadi came to Gill’s residence yesterday morning where the Sports Minister took stock of the progress of preparations and discussed the contentious issues that have the OC and the CGF at loggerheads.
“I met Mr Kalmadi today and had a long discussion on all the matters. I will be talking to (CGF Chief) Mr Mike Fennell on telephone and will have a meeting with him, (CGF CEO Mike) Hooper and Mr Kalmadi in London on October 28,” Gill said after the meeting.
“I am confident that all issues will be resolved and everyone will work in unison to ensure a very good Commonwealth Games in Delhi next year,” the minister added. The OC and the CGF seemed to have reached a deadlock over mainly two issues — the necessity of a Technical Review Panel and Hooper’s stay in Delhi.
Fennell, soon after the CGF general assembly earlier this month, made it clear that the organisers needed to pull up their socks and fast-track their preparations if the capital is to deliver on its commitment of putting on the best Commonwealth Games ever.
Fennell said the CGF had decided to set up a Technical Review Panel to monitor the progress, a suggestion that did not go down well with the OC with Kalmadi outrightly rejecting the idea. Hooper’s presence remains another bone of contention with Kalmadi describing the CGF top official as an “impediment” to the capital’s preparation and seeking his removal.
The Daily Mail’s Investigations further reveal that apart from not being convincingly able to prepare the venues for the event within the given timeframe on part of the organizers, the coaches and trainers of the Indian contingent for the 13th edition of the Games are also not much satisfied with the preparation of the athletes to achieve some remarkable success during the event. This is what has forced the Indian officials to divert the attention of the visiting athletes, officials and spectators from the main event to the world of glamour and sex with lot of seductive tactics by escort agencies and their professional babes.
Raj, an escort agent who works with Indian Escort Girls from Mumbai, when contacted by The Daily Mail’s investigation team, said foreigners were their target audience and not Indian athletes. “We can actuate 2000 to 5000 escorts for the event in a week, but there will be a shortfall, which will have to be met by other cities. Americans and Europeans pay well and we expect a lot of business from them.”
Ellen (name changed due to security and commercial reasons), an escort from Goa, while talking to The Daily Mail said, “Yes, it’s a big event and makes great business sense for us. Our agents will make sure there will be enough of us to meet the demand.”
Neha Arora, who runs Escort International in New Delhi, upon contacting, said, “Our agency will concentrate on three things.
First, increasing the number of national and international call girls in our agency to meet the customers’
requirements. Second, making the girls look fit and hot so that they can work for extra hours and finally, increase our reach across the country. Our main focus during the games will be reaching out to foreigners as they pay well.”
She said there were thousands of agencies operating throughout India and the only way to stand out is to keep up with requirements. “We are planning to launch a new website next year with pictures of hot and sexy models, airhostess and actresses,” explained Ms. Arora
Tina Jaiswal who owns the No 1 Delhi Escort agency, when contacted by The Daily Mail’s team, said, “We hope to make good money during the games. We will simply follow the demand and supply principle of economics. We will double our rates a month before the games begin and increase our workforce. We have around 50 to 60 girls across India.”
Khairati Lal from Bhartiya Patita Uddhar Sabha, an NGO that works for the GB Road red light area in Delhi, giving her comments to The Daily Mail said, “We will not remain silent if any such developments occur in the city. We will protest via different mediums and
programmes.” Uday Sahay, Additional Director General (communications) Commonwealth Games, upon contacting, said, There are so many things which need to be discussed and this [prostitution] is one of them. We are in the process of discussing these things and hopefully a committee will be formed to tackle this soon.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the flow of money through the sex extravaganza is likely to be much higher than what the government of India would be spending on overall expenditures to hold the event. It is learnt that while the Central or Union Government of India has allocated Indian Rupee 3,472 mn for the games, the escort agencies have fixed the rates as Rs 23,000 Per hour to charge the foreign “Clients,” which ultimately concludes to the tunes of millions of rupees more than what the government of India would be spending on the holding of the event as according to statistics around 10,000 athletes and officials from 71 Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) will participate in the 12-days of sporting competition. Overall 17 sports will be featured in CWG 2010, which will be held at six venue clusters, and five stand alone venues. Queen Elizabeth II will launch the baton relay for CWG 2010 on Oct 29, 2009 in the presence of President Pratibha Patil from Buckingham Palace, London.
After touring the 71 other CWG nations the baton will enter India from the Attari-Wagah border near Amritsar on June 25, 2010. The baton will travel around 1,70,000 km in all the Commonwealth Games nations. The baton will travel in the country for 100 days covering a distance of 20,000 km. It will enter Delhi on 1 October, 2010. Last month, Shiela Dikshit accepted that her government’s Yamuna Action Plan has failed and it will not be able to clean the river before the Commonwealth Games.
Common Games federation chief Michael Fenell had pulled up the Organising Committee for the slow-paced work and even fixed an appointment with PM to apprise him of the delay in the preparation of CWG. This month, however, he said the “overall the preparations are under control”.
The Daily Mail’s Investigations also indicate that there is also a very big threat of millions of stray dogs, biting the participating athletes or the foreign visitors during the event at New Delhi. According to these investigations,
Thirty people, eight months, the latest equipment and a lot of patience. That was what an international NGO took to count the number of stray dogs on Delhi’s streets ahead of upcoming Commonwealth Games. The figure is astounding: more than 2.6 lakh dogs.
But the counting process is equally fascinating. “It was a daunting task that took us almost eight months. We cannot exactly count each dog but as they are territorial animals it became easy. We just had to identify the zones,” said Karthik Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, the NGO that undertook the first survey of stray dogs in the city. The survey, which started in January, divided the city into 14 zones according to municipal jurisdictions. “A team of 30 people were selected and trained to count dogs. They were also given six vehicles with latest equipment,” said Satyanarayan. The NGO used Global Positing System to identify low and high population density areas. The people involved in the survey said technology played an important role to identify roads and then to track the dogs. “Generally, dogs don’t move out of their territory. If a dog is spotted at one locality at Mayur Vihar, it won’t walk over to the next road. So we were sure the same animal was not being counted twice. It is also easy to identify the sterilized dogs from the non-sterilized ones. Sterilized animals have slight cuts in their ears,” said Satyanarayan.
After counting, the data was tallied with people’s reaction. “The resident survey threw up some interesting facts. Like about 66 per cent people feed stray dogs; only 50 per cent respondents were aware of the problem and only 20 per cent feared the animals,” he said.
1.34 lakh male dogs
1.28 lakh female dogs
70 percent sterilization target before Commonwealth Games
Rs 445 cost of sterilization of one dog
Rs 3.5 crore sum spent in last 3 yrs
77,586 number of dogs sterilized in 3 yrs



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