Islamabad, Thursday, September 19, 2013
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Indian Army out to sabotage peace again

- Indian Generals plan to sabotage Nawaz-Singh meeting at UN
- Mysteriously rushes more troops to LoC, IOK
- Defense Observers see a deep-rooted conspiracy behind move

Bureau Report

NEW DELHI – In yet another move to blast the peace path that the Pakistani and Indian leaders are trying to follow, the Indian army establishment has organized a new drama and has created panic in India over LoC by rushing additional security forces, both BSF and Army, to the Line of Control (LoC) and International in Occupied Kashmir. The Indian army has cited the reason for this dubious troops build up at LoC that the move has been initiated following “specific ground level reports” and wireless intercepts of subversive elements revealing a sharp increase in the number militants holed up in the area waiting to cross over.

The Indian army establishment that has constantly been defying and rather opposing its government for forging peace with Pakistan and for which it has been pretty consistent in creating a variety of dramas against Pakistan along the LoC, coupled with highly flaming statements from different Commanders of the Indian Armed Forces, has now opted for this negative move just when the Foreign Offices of both Pakistan and India are hectically busy in arranging a nerve cooling meeting between Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and Indian Premier Manmohan Singh on the sidelines of UN meet, later this month.

It is learnt that apparently the reinforcements were rushed to intensify patrolling in the sectors of Uri, Poonch, Rajouri and Mendher. The defence analysts and security observers however believe that the dubious move of the Indian army is clearly based at creating some new drama in the LoC and parts of IOK to sabotage the upcoming talks between the Pakistani and the Indian Premiers that are expected to be ice breaker for stepping ahead on the peace path to normalize the ties between the two nuclear arch rivals of South Asia. This mobilization of troops by Indian along the LoC is being made when the Indian army is constantly violating the ceasefire accord and is constantly trying to engage Pakistani army from the other side of the LoC by constantly making unprovoked shelling and firing.

While confirming the troops build up along LoC, a senior official of the Indian army made a vague statement and preferred to refrain from giving details and just sufficed to divulge “We have increased the number of personnel in a patrolling team in addition to deploying more men on frontal border outposts. There are reports that Pak Army assisted by the terror groups were planning to increase their activities in the region.”, he alleged.

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