Islamabad, Monday, July 15, 2013
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India goes wild in Balochistan

- RAW running multiple operations in Balochistan with help of Afghan, Israeli agencies
- RAW, Mossad running operation through local pawns with ultimate aim at Pak nuke installations
- Prominent Pakistani militants comfortably visit across Afghanistan to meet RAW bosses
- Pak authorities having undeniable evidences of Indian involvement in Balochistan
- Most-wanted terrorists hold frequent meetings with RAW bosses in New Delhi
- Canadian nationals too being used by RAW to operate against Pakistan and fund militants
- Riaz Bugti of BLA and Tarek Fateh of Canada among top frequent guests of RAW
- Terror camps under Command of India’s sham Consulates exporting terror from Kabul, Nimroz and Kandahar

From Hassan Ali Buzdaar

QUETTA – Pakistan is undergoing the most critical phase of its history since its inception and is battling the menace of terrorism with utmost vigour. The peaceful holding of General Elections in May this year testified the resilience and resolve of 180 million people not to succumb to the demands of handful extremists who, at the behest of RAW and other hostile powers, intend to impose their own version of ideologies by making people hostage to their ruthless agenda. Pakistan is also wary of India'sincreasing role in Afghanistan under the garb of reconstruction and rehabilitation projects and usage of its soil for fuelling militancy in FATA and Balochistan which, it considers as a grave threat to the national security and solidarity.

One is extremely alarmed by opening up of a number of unjustified Diplomatic Missions by India across Afghanistan. India has also opened Consulates in Heart, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad, and Kandahar, and the global media reports and international spy agencies have proved at number of occasions that these ‘Indian Missions are actually providing cover to Indian intelligence operatives to carry out covert operations against Pakistan, as well as exacerbate separatism in Balochistan province.

Under the prevalent environs, Balochistan issue is developing into the most traumatized issue of the country. Complexity is aggravating with each passing day owing to convergence of interests of regional & global stake holders. Terrorist activities across country including suicide bombings, target killings and sectarian violence have drastically amplified in recent years due to the irrefutable involvement of foreign intelligence agencies especially India’s RAW. The deep rooted involvement of RAW and other hostile intelligence agencies in Balochistan province is obviously due to overabundance of natural resources embedded in the region. According to an estimate Pakistan has 25.1 trillion cubic feet of confirmed Gas reserves out of which nineteen trillion are to be found in Balochistan.

Research indicates that RAW in collaboration with Afghan intelligence agency NOS is actively providing covert financial and weapon support to Baloch militant groups such as the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Army (BRA), Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) etc for conducting terrorist activities in Balochistan. The outfits are treading the separatist's agenda and are responsible for causing mayhem in the province. Irrefutable evidences suggest that Baloch militants are being harboured at various places and training camps located at Kabul, Nimroz and Kandahar in Afghanistan by RAW in collaboration with Afghan intelligence agency NOS since 2006.

RAW is also providing sustained financing and monetary support to Baloch feudal & militants both in Afghanistan and Balochistan. Besides, RAW, with the complete support and patronage of Afghan authorities, is also involved in provision of Arms &ammunitions to Baloch militants for conducting terrorist activities inside Pakistan.

Highly credible sources, privy to confined circles also point out about the evidences held by them regarding RAW's involvement in provision of fake identity and travel documents to Baloch militants for moving out of Afghanistan to India, UAE and Western countries. It is arranging visits of Baloch sub nationalists and militants to India for training purposes. In this regard RAW arranged visit of Riaz Gull Bugti (leading militant commander of Brahamdagh Bugti) to India in September 2009, where he was briefed and trained by RAW for terrorist activities. In order to overcome the linguistic problems in future, RAW is also involved in arranging Balochi language courses in India for Afghan Intelligence operatives through Balochi instructors, so that their expertise could be utilized for creating further unrest in the ,province through terrorist activities.

Research reveals that RAW, in collaboration with prominent Baloch sub nationalists round the globe is also persistently utilizing various international forums, NGOs and think tank organizations, such as United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) regular sessions etc for maligning Pakistan through arranging stage managed events such as pre-planned anti- Pakistan interventions, media briefings, protests & demonstrations etc.

"Their convergence, facilitation (lodgment, travel expenses etc) and subsequent media (including vibes) propagation is managed and funded by RAW and other hostile Intelligence Agencies through their operatives.

Investigations indicate that Tarek Fateh, a Canada based political activist and sympathizer of Baloch sub nationalists, after spitting his venom against Pakistan during UNHRC 22nd session at Geneva in February 2013, visited India on RAW's sponsorship for getting commendation and future directions. He also held one-on-one meetings with RAW’s ex senior officers VikramSood & A SDaulat, which amply highlights the evil nexus.

Investigations indicate that Pakistani security agencies have the undeniable evidences of RAW's involvement in Karachi terrorist activities where some terrorists, after conducting the heinous crimes, went to RAW offices along Afghan border to show them the videos, collect money and get directions for further operations. Evidence of provision of millions of Dollars to these militants by RAW are held by Pakistani Intelligence agencies while some security agencies of certain friendly countries are also in possession of similar evidence.

Internationa media investigations indicate that close relatives and friends of Hakim Ullah Mehsod and Moulana Fazlullah frequently visit Afghanistan for meeting RAW officers under diplomatic cover at Indian Embassy, Consulates and collect millions of Dollars to conduct terrorist acts back in Pakistan.

These investigations reveal that the Swat’s militants are being facilitated through camps in area of Kunar and Nuristan. They are given training and weapons to conduct organized militant actions againstPakistan's regular and civil Armed Forces in FATA areas. Molana Fazlullah and his commanders openly travel across Afghanistan and visit Indian Embassy, Consulates, RAW and NOS offices, as if Afghanistan is their home town.

Media investigations reveal further that India’s RAW and Israel’s Mossad are running joint operation against Pakistan’s nuclear assets and thus both are contributing full share in providing funds and direction to militants for conducting terrorist activities, targeted at locating and destroying Pakistan’s nuclear installations.

Exploitation of social vibes i.e. internet, Face book, Twitter, Blogs etc are also on RAW's top agenda, as it is actively involved in unleashing massive propaganda and disinformation campaign on Balochistan issue vis-a-vis maligning Pakistan through this medium with fake identities. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that around 4 dozen fake blogs and websites as well hundreds of fake Face book and Twitter IDs are being run by RAW to supports its operations against Pakistan in the cyber world.




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Riaz Gul Bugti, who is Baloch terrorist commander of Barahmadagh Bugti visited India during September 2009, which was arranged by RAW and NDS. He standing in front of Red Fort, New Delhi.


Tarek Fatah protesting in front of UN Office Geneva during 22nd session of UNHRC held in February 2013 along with Baloch Sub Nationalist leadership.


Tarek Fatah having one on one meeting with Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid at his residence of 9th April 2013

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