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India in denial mood on terror combat

– Indian government deliberately avoiding concert steps to eliminate terror
– Preposterous, outlandish probe of Samjhauta Express terror hit exposes Delhi’s real face
– Delhi keeps pressing Pakistan over 26/11 probe bur refuse to show progress on Samjhauta issue
– Indian FM Krishna failed to give any logical reply over Samjhauta Express probe during his Pak visit
– Delhi continues to cover up Indian Military Intelligence’s deep connections with Hindutva terrorists
– A farcical probe report on Samjhauta Express attack was prepared by Delhi in 2011
– The report later appeared to be charade, merely an attempt to cover up MI-Hindutva nexus

By Makhdoom Babar

The Indian government, that is constantly pressing Pakistan to complete its probe in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and also continues to ask Islamabad to ensure elimination of terrorism, itself appears to be in a completely denial mood to combat terror and fulfill its own responsibilities in this direction. It is really ironic to see India on one side, pressing Pakistan to gear up probe in a terror case and on the other side, it itself is not working towards genuine investigations of the other terror case that is of Samjhauta Express terror attack. In stead of bringing the real culprits to the books, the Indian government is bent upon coming up with fabricated, sham, farcical and preposterous charge sheets and probe reports. Without realizing the Indian Military Intelligence’s characters like that of Colonel Purohit are as dangerous for India as they are for Pakistan, the Indian officials are preferring to shut their eyes from this fact and are constantly engaged in covering up the MI-Hindutva nexus and providing all relief to such army officers who are caught by Indian’s own top investigators like Hemant Karkare , the slain Chief of Mumbai’s Anti Terrorism Squad and presented before court of law along with all the evidences of being involved in terrorism against them.

Not only this but the dual standards of the Indians over the issue of eliminating terrorism get further exposed when the Indian government blatantly ask Pakistan government to release Indian terrorists from Pakistani prison after they admitted of being India’s official terrorists and are convicted by Pakistani courts on the basis of more than sufficient evidences against them.

India’s cliché of eliminating terrorism becomes even ridiculous when one finds that it gave clean chit to all the nominated and convicted accused of Samjhauta Express and Malegaon terror acts, who belonged to the Indian army while it only charge-sheeted some low profile individuals, amidst certain clear cut confessions by certain high profile accused like Swami Aseemanad.

Independent investigative reports by International media have made it crystal clear that Indian Army’s Military Intelligence officials including Colonel Purohit were running a deep rooted network with the militants of Hindu militant organizations including Shiv Sena and Abhinave Bharat. Recently a former Editor of leading Indian newspaper Indian Express, speaking at a seminar in England has also stated the same, alleging Indian army officers of being involved in high profile terrorism across India. The Daily Mail here is publishing a special Investigative report over the Samjhauta Express terror attack and challenge the Indian government and its probing agencies like NIA to confront The Daily Mail’s investigation , if they dare to.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that Indian investigation agencies under instructions of the then National Security Adviser (NSA) N.K. Narayanan deliberately overlooked the known involvement of Indian Military Intelligence(MI) and ultra-right wing Hindu terrorist outfit ‘Abhinav Bharat’ (Dominant India) in a string of terrorist acts, including the Samjhauta Express train blast (February 2007). Pakistani passengers were targeted in the Samjhauta Express that killed 68 persons including 42 Pakistan nationals. The investigations had established Indian Military Intelligence and Hindutva terrorist role but the Indian government placed wraps over the facts as disclosure of this sinister nexus would have exposed its lie to the world.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that New Delhi has been portraying itself as a victim of “Pakistan sponsored terrorism,” which is actually the handy work of its own Military Intelligence in connivance with the home-grown Saffron terrorists.

These investigations indicate that witnesses had told the investigators that the RDX used in Samjhauta blasts was supplied by MI officer, Lt. Col Purohit procured by him from the Army Ordinance Depot in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). The investigations further reveal that the sophisticated locking mechanism used by the Indian Army was employed for all these blasts. According to the official Indian sources, the Hindutva terror outfits were trained in making sophisticated Low Intensity Explosive Devices by the Army which are very lethal and effective but require less quantity of explosive material and same were used to trigger inferno in the Samjhauta Express. The same batch of SIM cards used in numerous blasts by Abhinav Bharat pointed to the link up of MI and the Hindutva terrorist outfit. Narayanan who in his capacity as NSA was the overall Chief of IB, RAW and Joint Intelligence Directorate that includes MI, at this point instructed the investigators to hush up the MI-Hindutva connection.

These investigations further suggest that Indian investigating authorities were quick to blame Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad. Even as late as February 2009 Indian Intelligence Bureau claimed LeT to be responsible for the Samjoutha blasts although MI-Hindutva connection was well known to New Delhi by that time. Despite a lapse of almost four years not a shred of information has been shared with Pakistan.

Malegoen 2008 blasts put Karkare on MI-Hindutva trail:
The daily mail’s findings indicate that more that one-and-half year after Samjhauta Express blasts another low-intensity bomb with powerful impact exploded in the small town of Malegaon, Maharashtra, on 29 September 2008, leaving six dead and several injured. It was this blast that put Maharashtra Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS)’s slain Chief Hemant Karkare on the trail of self-styled God-woman called Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur belonging to Abhinav Bharat. Pragya’s interrogation and calls’ data from her cell phone opened a Pandora’s Box. Her close associate Shamlal Sahu, 42, a commerce graduate, was first to be arrested on charges of planting the bomb. Shivnarayan Kalangasara Singh, 36, a science graduate, was arrested for setting a timer device in the bomb. Another science graduate, Sameer Kulkarni, 32, was arrested for his role in procuring chemicals for the bomb. The second big catch after Pragya was Maj (retd) Ramesh Upadhyay, 64, a resident of Pune. He had worked in the Indian Army’s Military Intelligence (MI) and had imparted training to those who had assembled the bombs planted in Malegoen. He had also headed the BJP’s ex-servicemen’s cell in Mumbai. The biggest fish was however, netted by Karkare on November 5, merely days ahead of 26/11 Mumbai attack, the first ever serving army officer, Lt. Col Purohit, belonging to MI, was arrested for procuring the RDX used in the blast. Arrest of Purohit however, proved more than Karkare could handle for he was later assassinated by Hindutva terrorists under the cover of Mumbai attack on 26/11. Congress Party’s Senior Secretary General Digvijay Singh has proved beyond doubt by showing phone records that Karkare called him merely a few hours before being assassinated saying he feared for his life as he was being threatened of dire consequences if he did not stop probe into the terrorist activities of MI and Saffron terrorist syndicates. Karkare requested assurance of security and safety for himself and his family requesting Digvijay to talk to the Congress high command. According to Digvijay his first reaction when he heard the news of Karkare’s assassination was “oh my God they (Saffron terrorists) have killed him”

Saffron Terror Tapes exposed MI-Hindutva nexus
The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that Karkare hit a minefield with the arrest of another Saffron operative Swami Dayanand Pandey alias Shankar Acharya-Shukhakar Dwivedi, on 14 November that completely exposed the MI and Abhinav Bharat link. Swami Pandey had a habit of recording all his conversations with his co-conspirators on his laptop. The ATS retrieved three videos and 37 audiotapes. These proved to be an unprecedented source of information. On 21 November, 5-days before 26/11 attack, Karkare questioned Pune’s RSS leader Shyam Apte, named in the tapes. By now RSS and Army were screaming calling Karakare’s line of investigations “blasphemous”.
The Audio tapes revealed a chilling landscape. Political bigwigs, RSS functionaries, Sangh Parivar activists, Hindutva terrorist outfits, as well as serving and retired Indian army officers all formed an integral part of the conspiracy. The tapes spilled vitriolic hate for Pakistan, Muslims and even Hindus who did not subscribe to their ultra right-wing communal vision. The Group had set up Abhinav Bharat with the intention of infiltrating and subverting every institution in the country, particularly the Armed Forces, bureaucracy, media, TV, films and civil society.
The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that there are a total of ten serving and retired Indian army officers, whose names figure in the tapes. There are however, clear indications that the network has deep institutional roots in Indian army from top officers to the low levels of ordinary soldiers. At least four of the officers, named in the recordings have an MI background. Apart from Lt. Col Purohit and Maj Upadhyay, who are now in jail, there are names of General JJ Singh -Purohit’s mentor in Maratha Regiment, Brig Mathur (full name not known, but he was apparently posted at Deolali Cantonment near Nashik); Col Hasmukh Patel. A JNU graduate, Patel was commissioned into the Infantry Jat Regiment and later detailed with the MI. He is a specialist in threat analysis, background checks, physical- electronic-aviation security, vigilance, investigations, disaster management, negotiation and loss prevention. The investigators are understood to have questioned him recently. Col Shailesh Raikar is a retired commandant, who belonged to the Maratha Regiment. According to the recordings, Raikar was commander of the Bhosla Military Academy in Nashik. He provided academy facilities to Purohit and other Abhinav Bharat members for weapons training. Others named in the tapes are Col. Aditya Bappaditya Dhar ; Maj. Nitin Joshi and Maj. Prayag Modak. No concrete action is yet to be initiated by the investigators against them. Apart from these men, there is a Brig. Lajpat Prajwal, posted on deputation with the Nepal Army. According to the tapes, Purohit and Brig Prajwal had trained together at Indian Military Academy (IMA) and that Purohit was in constant touch with him for logistic support.

Although, Lt. Col Purohit has been arrested, Indian Army has still not proceeded against other officers involved or initiated court martial.

Israeli Nexus and Nepal Connection:
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that it has also been revealed that Lt. Col Purohit speaks in the recordings of sending thousands to Israel and Nepal for terrorist training. According to one Maharashtra ATS official “most of what Purohit says on the tapes about sending people to Nepal and Israel for training wasn’t taken seriously, and deliberately overlooked” adding “the entire truth on Purohit is still not out.” These recorded conversations between Lt. Col Purohit, Maj Ramesh Upadhyay, Col Dhar, Swamy Dayanand Pandey, BL Sharma; a two-time BJP MP, and RP Singh; an endocrinologist at Apollo Hospital and President of the World Hindu Federation, reveal diabolic conspiracies and hair raising terrorist activities. The World Hindu Federation also has active offices in US and Europe and collects enormous amounts of funds from the Non Resident Indians (NRIs), using these to promote communal agenda and terrorist activities. The transcript also sheds light on the links between Nepal’s deposed King Gyanendra and Indian Military Intelligence. Gyandendra took over after grisly murder of his brother King Birendra, under mysterious circumstances. Most Nepalese think King Birendra was got assassinated by Gyanendra with the help of Indian agents.

Here is an excerpt on the conversation on Israeli nexus:
LT COL PUROHIT: Swamiji, we haven’t spoken about certain things, but two operations have been done by us. One of our own officers has visited Israel for training and meeting and there was a very positive response… We demanded four things from Israel — continuous and uninterrupted supply of arms and training, our office with a saffron flag in Tel Aviv, political asylum and support for our cause of a Hindu Nation in the UN. Israel has asked us to show something on the ground and have promised at least a supply of arms and political asylum... I have a state-wise population of Muslims in each state but we need more arms and ammunition including AK-47s. We couldn’t buy much earlier because we didn’t have funds, now we have plenty.

MAJ UPADHYAY: AK-47 is available at Cox Bazaar in Gorakhpur, we can buy more from open sources as military weapons and ammunition can draw suspicion…
LT. COL PUROHIT: The Israelis ask us to give them proof of our involvement. What more proof do they need? We have completed two successful operations (investigators believe that Purohit was referring here to Samjhauta and Ajmer blasts).

MAJ UPADHYAY: Don’t forget, the Hyderabad blasts were also executed by our man.
Elsewhere in the tapes, Purohit elaborates on other sinister strategies the Abhinav Bharat group plans on adopting against Pakistan and Muslims — including shooting people under false identities to create mayhem.

“I know that the army and the BSF don’t complement each other’s action,” says Purohit. “Nor there is any coordination between the BSF, CRPF and state police. So if I buy two army vehicles from the scrap and paint them with army colours and send them along with our people in army uniform into Meerut, they can just fire and come out of the situation easily. There is so much confusion in this country.” The conversion betrays similar action taken by the Indian military intelligence when Purohit was posted in IOK. MI operatives and Abhinav Bharat members dressed in Army uniform, had slaughtered Sikh community members in Chattisinghpura, IOK, when former US President Clinton was visiting India in 2001 and blamed it on LeT.

The fact that these conversations were not recorded under police custody or during interrogation is significant. An IB official based in Mumbai has raised a pertinent question that Lt. Col Purohit cannot smuggle RDX and weapons from IOK Army depot on his own nor can he alone sponsor sending men for military training to Nepal and Israel.” Surley a wider involvement of MI is apparent. This question has even more alarming implications when one recalls that in the narco reports of Nanded blasts accused, Himanshu Panse and Sanjay Bhaurao Chaudhury, in 2006, the men clearly stated of how Army’s Col Chitaley alias Mithun Chakrabarty had trained them to make the IEDs for the blasts at the Sinhagad Fort. It may be recalled that Col Chitaley was the Chief Instructor in the Suicide Bombing Training Squad set up by RSS under General Premnath Hoon.

A senior Maharastra ATS Official disclosed that after Lt. Col Purohit’s arrest, there was a lot of pressure on them to downplay the role of the army. Army argued: “We were told we couldn’t lower the morale of officers posted in sensitive positions. It could have a backlash. But with more cases involving military intelligence officials coming out, confirmed a dangerous trend.” The MI is an important and lethal corps, even senior Army officers dread at its mere mention due to the arbitrary powers enjoyed by its personnel. MI especially focuses on destabilizing, conducting and sponsoring terrorist activities in Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Middle East. Many MI cadre officers (Lt. Col Purohit was one of them) do not wear uniforms and work in conjunction with the IB, BSF (‘G’ Force) and other intelligence agencies. MI officials work in field formations and report to their respective commanders. Nobody, except the commander, would know they are part of MI. Sources disclosed that Lt. Col Purohit had learned Arabic at the Army Education Corps Training Centre and College in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, in order to coordinate with Al-Qaeda and Arab-Afghans. The disclosures of Lt. Col Purohit have exposed the Indian Army’s terrorist and communal overtones.

Swami Aseemanand’s Confession
The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that role of Indian MI and Hindutva terrorists behind the spate of terrorist acts including Samjhauta Express blasts, became further clear when investigators arrested Swami Aseemanand, one of the plotters. A Gujarat resident Bharat Bhai had deposed before the court that during various meetings held at Swami Aseemanand’s Ashram (Hindu seminary) numerous terrorist attacks including Samjhauta Express blasts were planned. After the Maharashtra ATS arrested Sadhvi Pragya in connection with the 2008 Malegaon blast, Aseemanand went absconding. He was finally arrested from Haridwar on 19 November 2010.
Swami Aseemanand’s spine chilling confession has reconfirmed and provided strong legal evidence of RSS Pracharaks (proselytizers)’ involvement in the blasts that took place at the Malegoen (Maharastra)in 2006 and 2008, Samjhauta Express in 2007, Ajmer (Rajasthan) in 2007, Mecca Mosque (Hyderabad) in 2007 and Modasa (Gujarat) in 2008.

In his recorded statement Aseemanand exposed involvement of numerous Hindutva leaders, including himself, in planning and executing a string of terror attacks against Pakistanis and Muslims. The account rendered by Aseemanad corroborated with the evidence revealed by the Abhinav Bharat’s other arrested leaders Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Dayanand Pandey, Lt. Col Shrikant Purohit. The 37 audio tapes seized from Swami Pandey’s laptop that featured all these people discussing their terror activities also corroborate with Aseemanand’s confession.

MI-Hindutva nexus reconfirmed:
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that shedding light on the inner workings of the Hindutva terror network, Aseemanand stated in his confession that it was not just an isolated group like the ultra-right wing terrorist organization like Abhinav Bharat that engineered blasts but, shockingly, Indian Military Intelligence and RSS were fully involved in the planning, financing and execution of these terrorist acts. According to Aseemanand, MI’s Lt. Col Purohit and RSS’s national executive member Indresh Kumar handpicked and financed numerous RSS Pracharaks (proselytizers) to carry out terror attacks. Aseemanand told the court that “Indresh Kumar met him at Shabri Dham (Aseemanand’s seminary in the Dangs district of Gujarat) sometime in 2005, accompanied by many top RSS functionaries”. Inderjeet told Aseemanad that he had deputed Sunil Joshi for terror attacks and asked him to extend Joshi whatever help he required.” Aseemanand further narrated how Indresh financed Joshi for his terror activities and provided him men to plant bombs. Aseemanand also confessed to his own role in the terror plots and how he had motivated a bunch of RSS Pracharaks (proselytizers) and other Hindu radicals to carry out terror strikes at Malegaon, Hyderabad and Ajmer.

March 2006 Terror Master Covenant:
According to Aseemanad, in March 2006, he and Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Sunil Joshi, Bharat Riteshwar alias Bharat Bhai, hatched the diabolic plot of multiple terrorist attacks to target Pakistanis and Muslims. Aseemanand provided financing to Joshi to arrange the necessary logistics for the blasts. In April 2006, Joshi apparently held a hush-hush meeting with the firebrand BJP member parliament Adityanath, infamous for his rabid anti-Muslim speeches. In June 2006, Aseemanand, Riteshwar, Sadhvi Pragya and Joshi again met at Riteshwar’s house in Valsad. The meeting proved to be a chilling one, with far-reaching consequences. Joshi, for the first time, brought four associates with him Dange, Kalsangra, Lokesh Sharma and Ashok alias Amit. Aseemanand suggested that 80 percent of the people of Malegaon were Muslims and the first bomb should be exploded there. He also said that during the Partition, the Nizam of Hyderabad had opted to accede to Pakistan so Hyderabad was also a fair target. He further recommended that since Hindus also throng the Ajmer Sharif Dargah in large numbers we should also explode a bomb in Ajmer which would deter the Hindus from going there. Aseemanand also suggested the Aligarh Muslim University as a terror target. According to Aseemanand everybody agreed to target these places.

Sunil Joshi recommended targeting Samjhauta:
Aseemanand has however, stated in the confession that it was “Sunil Joshi who recommended that it was basically Pakistanis who travel on the Samjhauta Express train that runs between India and Pakistan and therefore it should be attacked as well. Joshi took the responsibility of targeting Samjhauta himself and said that the chemicals required for the blasts would be arranged by Dange.” Aseemanand’s confession goes on in grave detail saying that Joshi constituted three teams to execute the Samjhauta blasts. One team would arrange finance and logistics. The second team would arrange for the explosives. And the third team would plant the bombs. He also said that the members of one team should not know members from the other two teams. So even if one gets arrested the others would remain safe.”

Malegoen-I blasts:
The Daily mail’s investigations reveal that in accordance with the plan on 8 September 2006, at 1.30 pm, four bombs exploded in the communally tense town of Malegaon in Maharashtra. The attack was meticulously planned; the bombs exploded in quick succession. Thirty one Muslims were killed; over 312 were injured. In a swift premeditated action, the Maharashtra ATS arraigned nine Malegaon Muslims. Stringent provisions of the draconian Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA) were invoked. Nine Malegaon Muslims were arrested who have been languishing in prison. Even though Aseemanand’s confession proved that the Muslims accused were innocent and had been arrested merely to deflect criticism and create a false perception of Pakistani and Muslim involvement.

Samjhauta Blasts:
According to Aseemanand “in February 2007”, Joshi told him that in the next two days there would be a piece of good news and I should keep a tab on the newspapers. After the Samjhauta Express blasts happened Joshi confirmed that “the blasts were done by his men.” Joshi took more money from Aseemanand to carry out the blasts in Hyderabad.

Mecca Mosque Blasts:
The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that Joshi took more money from Aseemanand to conduct blasts in Hyderabad. After the Mecca Mosque blast in Hyderabad Joshi came to Shabri Dham and confirmed to Aseemanad that his team had carried out the blasts. As in the case of the 2006 Malegaon blast, 17 May 2007 was a Friday. At 1.30 pm, as over 4,000 Muslims assembled to offer their Friday prayers at the iconic Mecca Masjid, situated near the Charminar in the old city of Hyderabad, a bomb went off near the ablution place inside the mosque. In keeping with the tradition and standard operating procedure the Hyderabad police launched a mop-up operation against local Muslims.

Ajmer Blasts:
A few months later, on 11 October 2007, during the month of Ramzan, as Muslim devotees had begun their Iftaar at Ajmer Sharif dargah, a bomb went off near a tree in the compound, killing three people and injuring over a dozen. According to Aseemanand, a couple of days after the Ajmer blast Joshi came to see him. He was accompanied by two men named Raj and Mehul who had also visited Shabri Dham on previous occasions. Joshi claimed his men had perpetrated the blast and he was also present at Ajmer Dargah at the time of the blast. He said that RSS Central Executive member, “Indresh Kumar had provided him two Muslim boys to plant the bomb.” Assemanad, told Joshi that if the Muslim boys get caught, Indresh would get exposed. He also told Joshi that Indresh might get him killed and told him to stay at Shabri Dham. Joshi then told Aseemanand that Raj and Mehul were wanted in the Baroda Best Bakery case (12 Muslims were killed by Hindutva karsewaks in Best Bakery in Gujarat 2002).

Assassination of Sunil Joshi:
The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that barely two months later, on 29 December 2007, in a sudden twist, Aseemanand’s fears came true, Sunil Joshi was mysteriously murdered outside his house in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. His family claimed he had been murdered by his own organization. After her arrest, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur also admitted this. At the end of December 2010 though, acting on fresh leads, the Madhya Pradesh police finally accepted that Joshi had been murdered by his own friends in the RSS. They charged Mayank, Harshad Solanki, Mehul and Mohan from Gujarat, Anand Raj Katare from Indore and Vasudev Parmar from Dewas with Joshi’s murder. It is believed that the real motive behind Joshi’s murder was to silence him. Joshi knew too much about the terror conspiracy between MI and Hindutva terror outfits have patronage of bigwigs like RSS’ Indresh Kumar and his masters were perhaps wary that they might get exposed. Sunil Joshi’s murder suggests a murky and inexplicable factionalism within the sinister grouping. But Joshi was not the only piece in the puzzle. Aseemanand’s confession is powerful because it implicates himself at every juncture and points to a network of Hindutva Pracharaks (proselytizers), who not only participated in the terror plots but were moved around and sheltered by sections of the Sangh Parivar organization while they were on the run. Joshi’s death didn’t mean the end of the horrific terrorist acts as the ultra-Hindutva ideology and organizations that produced him continue to flourish.

Aseemanand’s contact with Abhinav Bharat:
Aseemanand has confessed of coming into contact with the Abhinav Bharat in January 2007 and attending its numerous meetings in which terrorist attacks in India and the region were planned. Aseemanand has confessed to proposing more terror strikes in a meeting of Abhinav Bharat held at Bhopal in April 2008. Sadhvi Pragya, Bharat Riteshwar, Lt. Col Purohit and Dayanand Pandey were also present in the meeting.

Malegoen-II and Modasa:
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that on 29 September 2008, horror struck again during Ramzan, in the Muslim neighbourhood in Malegaon. A similar bomb blast was triggered almost simultaneously hundreds of miles away in a small town called Modasa in Gujarat. Like in Malegaon, the blast took place in a Muslim colony named Sukka Bazaar, outside a mosque when prayers were being offered. The Malgeaon blast killed seven Muslims, including a three-year-old boy. The Modasa blast resulted in the death of a 15-year-old boy. Several others were injured. It was the 2008 Malegoen blasts that put Karkare on MI-Abhinav Bharat trail.

US and India Double Speak and Double Deception:
Ironically while it was well in the knowledge of Indian authorities that Samjhauta Express blasts were organized by their Military Intelligence with the support of Hindutva terror outfit Abhinav Bharat they misled the US presenting them fake and cooked-up evidences implicating LeT for the crime. In 2009, at the Indian, US Treasury Deparment imposed sanctions on four so called ‘LeT operatives’ Arif Qasimani, Fazeel-a-Tul Shaykh Abu Mohammad Al-Peshawari, Mohammad Yahya Mujahd and Nasir Javed for organizing Samjhauta Express blasts alleging that the “designated terrorist provided direct support to Al-Qaida and LeT”. The Indians did not stop their deception of international community at that but prompted US to have the names of the above falsely accused so called LeT operatives on the list of UNSC resolution 1267 Al-Qaida and Taliban Committee’s proscribed list, for carrying out Samjhauta Express blasts. The episode shows how India and the US have been abusing the UNSC resolution 1267 list to sanction falsely implicated persons and organizations for fulfilling their political motives. In such diabolic plots not only did India completely ignored terrorist acts of its own sponsored operatives and organizations but even shifted their blame on LeT, HuJI and others. In its ongoing exposé, WikiLeaks released a cable in which US Ambassador Timothy Roemer wrote that Rahul Gandhi had told him that ultra-Hindu terror was probably a greater threat to national security than Islamist terror. Rahul’s assertion was certainly based on the internal knowledge of involvement of Hindutva outfits in numerous acts of terrorism, for as an important Congress leader, he is privy to sensitive information.

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