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India continues with Kao’s legacy to blame Pakistan for every evil

Indian Home Minister blamed ISI for SMS-based panic in Assam in latest case
Indian Police had arrested the masterminds of Assam panic SMSs while Shinde was accusing ISI
– Bangalore’s Police Commissioner B.G. Jyothiprakash Mirji confirmed arresting all the 3 accused
– Cops were stopped from divulging over the issue after Shinde officially accused Pakistan
– Indian Intelligence establishment conveyed strong opposition to Pak-India peace at Mohali during Cricket World Cup Semi Final

By Makhdoom Babar

(Additional reporting by Vishnu Chaterji in Bangalore & Ashok Trivedi in New Delhi)

Pakistan should arrest Tom for this incident in India, Pakistan should arrest Dick for that incident in India, Pakistan should arrest Harry for these incidents in India, ISI behind plaque in India, ISI is behind that accident in India and the list goes on.

These are the blames which have been coming non stop from New Delhi over the past 40 years or so, making both the Indian and Pakistani citizens as well as the world community sick of it. After the formation of Indian Intelligence agency RAW in the late 60s when this agency was created by bifurcation of India’s Intelligence Bureau’s External Intelligence wing and the head of this wing of IB Rameshwar Nath Kao was made the Chief of RAW, the successive Indian governments continued to follow the legacy of Kao and that was to blame Pakistan and ISI for every thing that goes wrong in India. Due to lack of advocates to plead Pakistan’s case in global media and due to the presence of a lot of Indians at the key position in various International media organizations of the world, the Kao philosophy worked for New Delhi but the Indian leaders and country’s intelligence establishment forgot that with the growing media networks across the world, it has become almost impossible to blame some other country for own shortcomings. They have simply forgotten that the Kao legacy of blaming Pakistan and accusing ISI for everything that goes wrong in India is no more effective, yet they are trying to continue with it.

It is very interesting to notice that over the past many decades, whenever Pakistan and India tried to make peace, such accusations against Pakistan or ISI suddenly surfaced from Delhi. A study of the events in this regard, staring from late 70s and early 80s indicate that the Indian intelligence establishment always confronted every move to ensure peace amongst the Pakistani and Indian governments. In the early 80s, when Pakistani President Zia-Ul-Haque and Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai were becoming very close to enter into a new era of peaceful Pak- India ties, acute accusations of ISI supporting the Sikh separatist movement in India surfaced from New Delhi and the whole process of forging a lasting peace was derailed . From then onwards, whether it was visit of Pervez Musharraf to India or Vajpayee’s visit to Pakistan, was it Pak FMs Khursheed Kasuri and Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s Visit to India or was Indian it a visit by any Indian dignitary to Pakistan, had it been the eve of the Foreign Secretary level talks of Interior Secretary level between Pakistan and India or had it been any event of Pakistani and Indian leaders meeting in a 3rd country, such accusations have always surfaced from New Delhi, thanks to the completely incredible input by the Indian intelligence establishment, both the civilian and military intelligence establishment.

In the most interesting episode, when Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani took the initiative of enhancing peace with India, taking the advantage of Pakistani and Indian cricket teams playing a high profile semi final of the cricket world cup in 2011 where he had to have an informal meeting with Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh during the dinner at the sidelines of match and the entire global community was attaching a great importance to this informal meeting that was being considered as a major step in enhancing cordial ties between the 2 nuclear rivals, the Indian Intelligence conveyed its strong annoyance and confrontation to this peace move through an otherwise unnoticed incident. During this high profile peace overture, when all efforts by both the Pakistan and Indian governments were being made to convey a strong message of Pak –India peace across the world, the Indian Military Intelligence conveyed at separate strong message. While everything was going fine at the Mohali Cricket Stadium, the venue of the match and the meeting of Pak-India leaders as well, a group of the personnel of the Indian Military Intelligence, just out of the blue, abducted a driver of the one of the vehicles of Pakistan’s High Commission in India, from outside the Mohali cricket ground. The driver was abducted without any reason as he was simply sitting in the diplomatic car, with all the legitimacy. He was picked up and tortured for no other reason but to convey a simple, yet strong message that certain quarters in India were not favour of the efforts that the Indian and Pakistani governments were making to ensure friendly ties. The driver was however released after around 24 hours during which he was brutally tortured, without being asked any question. Till today, the Indian government has not been able to give any reason for the abduction and torture to a legitimate employee of the Pakistani High Commission in India by Indian Intelligence personnel.

In the latest spate of such efforts by the Indian intelligence establishment when Indian Foreign Minister is about to visit Pakistan, yet another accusation, which could better be termed as a ridiculous blame, has been floated by New Delhi. In this latest move the Indian government has blamed Pakistan and its prime security agency the ISI of creating a panic in Indian state of Assam through the Short Message Service (SMS) of India operated cellular phones.

According to the details, soon after some miscreants launched a campaign to create panic amongst the natives of Indian state of Assam through bulk SMSs via mobile phones regarding certain upcoming violence and which resulted a large-scale exodus in that region, the Indian government, following an “ intelligence output “, came up with the accusation that Pakistan’s ISI was behind the SMS move. The incumbent Home Minister of India Sushilkumar Shinde, just a day before Eid, called Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik on phone and alleged that the source of the above mentioned panic creating SMSs was Pakistan and that Indian intelligence agencies had told him that ISI and some Pakistan-based fanatic groups were the source of the aforesaid SMSs.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that when Indian Home Minister Shinde was making these accusations against Pakistan, he was unaware of the fact that the Bangalore Police had already arrested three Indian nationals from different parts of the Bangalore city who were the masterminds in the whole episode with no links to ISI or Pakistan at all.

According to The Daily Mail’s investigations, just a day before Shinde and Indian Home Secretary RK Singh were heavily fuming at Pakistan and its ISI for being the source of the SMS , the Bangalore police arrested three persons, identified as Anis Pasha, Tehsin Nawaz and Shahid Salman from different parts of the city. All the three were Indian nationals with no Pakistan link at all. These investigations indicate that Anees Pasha, 26, as well as two of his co-workers were discovered as the trio, who engineered the mass exodus of north-easterners from the city by sending off threatening bulk SMSs that incited hatred against the community.

The 26-year-old mastermind was arrested along with Thaseen Nawaz (32), who like Pasha is a resident of BTM 1st stage, and Shahid Salman Khan (22) of Teachers Colony in Venkatapura. The Koramangala police told the Daily Mail that the trio spread panic by uploading videos through electronic means to whip up hatred against N-E people .

Anees had retrieved data from seized computer laptops and mobile phones for the police. The police sources said that Pasha would have grown confident that the police would not catch him as they kept coming to him for help. He had used an old SIM card of a customer to send bulks threat SMSes.

The customer had left his mobile phone for repairs along with the SIM card. He used another customer’s laptop to upload videos on social networking websites. The mobile tower location as well as the internet protocol address pointed to Koramangala. The Central Division police passed on the information to the South East police who traced it to Anees’s shop.

City Police Commissioner Bangalore B.G. Jyothiprakash Mirji said that the police received credible information about Anees, the owner of a mobile repair shop, New Fonotech at Koramangala VII block, as being the main man behind the spate of the hate messages flooding the phones of fellow members of their community.

A raid was conducted on his shop and Anees was taken into custody. “It is found that Anees along with the other two were sending SMSes to a vast number of people which was the wrong depiction of NE situation and were highly inciting in nature,” the commissioner added.

“One of the computers recovered from Pasha has a lot of extremist religious material. Though Pasha tried to deny that he was not behind bulk SMSs and videos, he had no answers when confronted with this evidence. He had managed to obtain the numbers of North-East people in the city through some of their associations,” an investigating officer said. Anees confessed he was frustrated over the attacks on Muslims in NE states. He had managed to obtain the numbers of the NE people in the city through some of their associations,” an investigating officer revealed.

Four others were arrested from a multiplex on Mysore Road while they were watching a movie, Mirji said. Wilson Garden police had arrested five people.

Soon after this development reached the media across India, the Home Ministry stopped the cops from divulging over the issue.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that once the Indian Home Ministry put the blame on Pakistan, neither the India media nor the police officials have said anything over the development that took place at Bangalore. No follow up of the investigations from the arrested masterminds have been released to the press and the public.

The Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna is scheduled to visit Pakistan on 7th of this month, it is yet to be seen if the SMS drama was the last move to destroy the atmosphere during Krishna’s visit or there is something yet to come from Delhi just ahead of his visit or during his visit.

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