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India places Pakistan on ticking time-bomb

— RAW’s kidnapping of three Pak nationals after release from Jail

By Makhdoom Babar Editor-in-Chief

Tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick, this is actually what the time-bomb sounds like which India has already placed Pakistan upon with no one from Pakistan government or the media is listening to while Indian government, Indian media and Indian intelligence agency RAW are have already set the time for this bomb to explode as the successful operation of RAW, in which it kidnapped three Pakistan nationals who were released from an Indian prison, after complementing their decade-long sentence, is being fully backed by a premeditated media and diplomacy campaign, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.
The Daily Mail, in its edition of January the 5th, 2010, published a special investigative report, titled “RAW kidnaps three Pakistanis for use in future terror drama.” The report, filed by our New Delhi-based correspondent Ajay Mehta, explained in detail that how and why RAW kidnapped three Pakistani nationals, who after completing about ten year sentences in a fake terror case. These oldies with highly deteriorated health conditions, which at least every Pakistani prisoner in any Indian jail is bound to suffer from, escaped from the police custody, at a time and day when they were just hours away from being sent home on official expenditures through a safe journey and were very much aware of it. The report also gave an account of the whole episode to prove that all the three Pakistani nationals were often paid visits by the goons of RAW and specially RAW-linked cops of Mumbai police and some members of RAW underworld mafia Don, Chhota Rajan. The report, with the statements of certain officials of the prison where the three were under detention proved that the trio was is no health condition to make an escape and also never showed any prison-break intentions whatsoever.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the findings of the above mentioned report are becoming more and more credible as the drama, orchestered by RAW has started to expose, with Indian government, Delhi Police and Indian media, getting so much fervent over the issue which has actually made the script falling out of their rickety hands. These findings indicate that though the Indian media and the Indian government, as well-calculated plan, started raising a great hype over the issue across the world, the unprepared Delhi Police officials have succumb to this haphazard RAW project and thus are committing blunders over blunders with regard to narrating the details of the case of “Escaped Pakistani Terrorists.” It appears that RAW did not find it essential at all to take the top cops of Delhi Police over the drama and perhaps preferred to take only the media and ministries of Home Affairs and External Affairs at New Delhi into the confidence and it was presumed that Ministry of External Affairs would itself take care of the matter at the end of Delhi Police. A careful study of the said “Escape” drama, as reported in the Indian media, reflects very clearly that though the Indian media and Indian government has been trying to keep the issue as a top story for about a week, the officials of New Delhi’s police have been making the episode look-like a real bullshit and nothing else. It appears that RAW and Delhi police are though at odds regarding the so far outcomes of the drama, yet the Indian media and Indian government is fighting hard to make it look like a matter of highly sensitive nature and are making all-out efforts to get the focus of the global community on this matter so that when the actual terror drama of RAW is to be executed, there should be a developed opinion amongst the stake holders of the global community and world media in support of Delhi’s claims.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that ever since the incident took place, the Indian media is highlighting the matter as the top story every development regarding this case is 2nd or third lead of every Indian newspaper and web portal while every Indian TVnews channel is airing it amongst the tops stories with the issue finding no space at all amongst the Pakistani media as well it has fallen to deaf ears and blind eyes of the officials at Islamabad. While the Indian ministers are portraying the issue globally as a matter of heinous concern, Pakistani government and its ministers concerned are keeping complete mum over the same.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that the news about the “escape of three Pakistani terrorists” was broken for the first time on the 3rd of January,2009, almost 72 hours after the incident took place. In the beginning, the Delhi Police’s Joint Commissioner of Police Karnal Singh stated that the trio escaped from the police custody while they were sent to Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) to complete the procedure of their deportation to Pakistan. The officials of Delhi Police then took a somersault next day and stated that the three Pakistanis actually went missing from the custody of the staff of the Meghalaya Police personnel who had taken them to Guru Nanak Eye Hospital for treatment of some eye infection that “the trio developed together”. Delhi top cops did not end here but the very next day they came up with a new statement that the trio slipped from the custody of the personnel of the Special Branch of Delhi Police who had handed them over in the custody of the staff of Guru Nanak hospital but hospital’s Additional Medical Superintendent, Shashi Gururaja comprehensively confronted the claims of Delhi Police and completely denied of any such incident taking place at the hospital and even expressed his complete ignorance of having any official intimation about the sending of the said prisoners to his hospital by prison officials or the officials of Delhi Police. It was followed by another flip-flop by Delhi Police officials and they then cam up with the story that the trio actually escaped when they asked the cops, detaining them, to take them to a restaurant in the cycle market near Kotwali police station for lunch and from there they managed to escape during the lunch.
This does not end the blunders on part of Delhi Police as it later started revealing to the press that a Special Cell was formed to track down the escaped trio and not only this, the entire top secret proceedings of the said Cell with regard to track down the trio, also started finding their ways to the Indian media.
The Special Cell of Delhi Police has found the names and addresses of two persons who visited Pakistan militants Abdul Razzak, Rafaqat Ali and Mohammad Sadiq during their imprisonment in Tihar Jail, and later during detention at Lampur Seva Sadan in Narela.
The media reports of Indian media, quoting officials of Delhi Police say that the Special Cell has met with enormous success with regard to re-arrest the escaped trio as it is found that 2 people used to meet the trio at prison. These reports, citing Delhi police officials say that the two persons who have been meeting the trio at the prison have been identified as residents of Jahangirpuri in Northwest Delhi. While the Special Cell officers are keeping an eye on the two men and have put their phone numbers on surveillance. The police have also collated their phone call details (at this occasion, even the numbers of the phones of the suspected were released to the press by the police officials).
“We know where they are. The two men went to Tihar Jail and the Lampur detention home several times to meet the militants. We suspect they handed over a SIM card and a handset to one of the militants and also gave them money, ”an Indian newspaper writes, quoting the officials of Delhi Police. The media reports, quoting Delhi Police officials further say that the duo’s names were found in the Tihar Jail visitors’ records, a valid identity and residential proof has to be shown and written down before meeting an inmate in jail. While the media reports earlier claimed that the visitor’s registor at Tihar jail was found highly disorganized by the investigators and there were just some initials found in the register with no valid names etc.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that Sub-Inspector Dino Moni Singh, who was accompanying the trio to the hospital when they fled, was extensively interrogated for the about tow days by Special Cell officials as they wanted to know why the sub-inspector did not inform his seniors before taking the trio to the hospital, and also why he reported their escape so late. These findings indicate that Sub-Inspector Dino Moni has been spotted visiting the RAW headquarters many times during the last three days but could not gain any success in finding excess to certain officials, perhaps those who exploited him for the kidnapping of the trio with “certain promises”.
The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that on the other side, Home Affairs minister P Chidambaram, Lt. Governor of New Delhi Tejinder Khanna and Chief Minister of New Delhi are keeping the issue as a top matter of national security and have issued a number of red alerts etc to give more hype to the issue. At the same time, the External Affairs Ministry has also started following a premeditated drill in this direction as the news about the “Great Escape” managed to find their ways to the news desks of many international media organization across the world via Indian diplomatic mission, far before the same news could reach even the local Indian media. The Indian diplomats around the world and the officials of External Affairs Ministry are often heard discussing this matter at the diplomatic functions and gatherings.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that Pakistan government, under the international laws, has full right to ask India about the whereabouts of its nationals, who were in Indian custody and had already completed their sentence for the case, whatsoever it was and were free to return home. However the government of Pakistan has not taken up this issue of grave sensitivity with Indian at all while the Indians have put the ticking time bomb on the head of Pakistan and are just waiting for the scheduled moment to utilize these innocent Pakistanis in some RAW-drafted terror plot to blame Pakistan and its intelligence agencies.


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