Monday, December 29th, 2014

Islamabad police devise plan for security of expats

download (1)ISLAMABAD,Islamabad police have devised a new security  and patrolling plan to check the dacoity incidents and snatching items from expatriates.

The formal approval to this plan was given by IGP Islamabad Tahir Alam Khan in a meeting held here at Police Line Headquarters which was attended by officials of Capital police. According to this plan, cops from Islamabad Operational Police and Islamabad Traffic Police will conduct joint patrolling in various areas.
According to this plan, different boulevards of Islamabad have been
divided into 11 beats and 13 police vehicles would patrol on these routes.
The jurisdiction of Beat 1 will be from T-Cross to Koral Chowk, Beat 2 from Kroal Chowk to Faizabad, Beat 3 from Faizabad to Koral Chowk, Beat 4 from Khana to Nilore, Beat 5 from Faizabad to Korianwala Chowk Murree road, Beat 6 from Korianwala Chowk to Islamabad area, Beat 7 from Shaheen Chowk to Naswar Chowk, Beat 8 from Islamabad Chowk to Peshwar Mor, Beat 9 from IJP Principal Road to Faizabad, Beat 10 from CDA picket to Merabadia and Beat 11 from GT Road Sangjani to Haji camp.
IGP Islamabad directed all Zonal SPs and SDPOs to check duties of
these patrolling and brief the patrolling cops about security tips. He asked the patrolling cops to behave with citiznes politely as it is the prime duty of the police to ensure protection to the lives and property of the citizens.

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