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‘Nuke assets nothing without strong, loyal leadership’

By Hassan Mehmood

ISLAMABAD – Nuclear assets can not safeguard the ideological and geographical borders of our country unless we have a strong and committed political leadership to lead the country towards a stable and sovereign state in true means, said Dr. Shireen Mazari here on Tuesday.

She said this while addressing ‘Meet The Press’ program on and shared her views on the topic ‘Are Nuclear weapons necessary for a sovereign state’. Dr. Shireen Mazari is a strategic analyst besides columnist and has good command and know how on the regional situation. She lamented the US stance to denuclearize Pakistan in the pretext our nuclear arsenal could go in to wrong hands, in other words in the control of Taliban. “The U.S intends to give nuclear assets of Pakistan under the supervision of United Nation (UN) that is why she pressurizes Pakistan by painting a picture of chaos and instability in the country”, she said.

She said that it must not be the question that nuclear assets are our necessity or not rather than the nuclear assets must strengthen our sovereignty, integrity and socio-economic development. She also criticized the US dual manner towards two neighbors in the region as well as its discriminatory manner with the Muslim states.

Dr. Shireen Mazari recalled that the U.S had recommended in Geneva Convention to include India in Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) and intending to establish the hegemony of India in the region, however, India could not be included unless it signs Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). “Atomic weapons are source of power, however, Pakistan turned this shield into weakness as nuclear arsenals must be used politically rather than militarily” adding that our government’s stance must not be apologetic and hesitating in this regard as it was the right of every country, she said.

Why India was not accused and question when it conducted its first nuclear test in 1974 that compelled Pakistan as its arch rival to think about its security in the region, she said. She held the rulers responsible for adopting an apologetic manner about its nuclear status and termed the US act to freeze Pakistan foreign assets as irrational.

Dr. Mazari also noted that the US was making hue and cry about insecurity of nuclear assets of others but did not see its position as it was the only country in the world whose nuclear weapons had been stolen or leaked by others. About the issue of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, she said that Dr. Qadeer had not acted against any international treaty, however, India had signed nuclear accord with Iran while the U.S provides nuclear technology to Israel till date without noticing the fact, “If they are doing this according to principle enshrined in the international charter or not”.

The US is doing that for establishing the hegemony of India in Sub-continent to put pressure on China and Pakistan while on the other side, it supports Israel to have its influence as a police state in the Middle East.

In order to remove the people concern about our security, she recommended that our leadership should revisit its post deals especially drone strikes on its soil and make these accord public so that the masses can know what our rulers are doing for the country’s existence and its uplift.

About future agreements with the US , she stressed upon the need to present any agreement in Parliament for debate and consensus and approval as Parliament is the supreme authority to approve the agreements not by one man show.

“The government must renounce U.S trainers throughout the country as the US is unable to win even a single war if it is Vietnam War , Iraq and Afghanistan and others military actions so the credibility of these trainers has become a question mark, Dr. Shireen Mazari said.

The government must adopt a well defined anti-terrorist strategy and hard core militancy must be identified and isolated and explore the reason why terrorism increased after 9/11as the post 9/11 situation has no such activities, she said.

She said the US has come here to hunt Al-Qaeda men and Taliban but it has some other interests including energy resources, security control, containment of China and to compel other states to join the US camp.

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