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‘Gen Pasha’s exit to affect ISI, CIA ties’

Munter’s says mily aid reduced after Pak showed the door to US trainers

From Our Correspondent

WASHINGTON – US ambassador Cameron Munter has said that the cooperation between CIA-ISI could affect by the retirement of Lt. Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha but at the moment both agencies are having a decent intelligence relationship.

During his lecture at Harvard Kennedy School on Wednesday, Munter said that the relationship between CIA and ISI were still intact. He said that the military aid to Pakistan was lemmatized when American trainers were told to leave Pakistan.

Munter said that during foreign policy talks US promised more than needed but such was done to strengthen strategic ties between the two countries. US Ambassador said that deep down Pakistani politicians don't want Americans to go away from their country.

He said Pakistani politicians want to cooperate with America on the basis of respect and dignity and reminded that purpose of both Pakistan and America is same against terrorism. He said people of Pakistan are open minded and full of patience and when people ask him about US-Pak relations he elaborate those qualities which are owned by the people of both countries.

Cameron Munter said Pakistani society is just like a ship which can neither go forward nor backward and either can not sink. He said US has always supported democracy in Pakistan and will back those who succeed by the power of vote.

US ambassador said that America wants peace by the cooperation Afghan leadership and if they come up with political solution at any international forum, US would back them.

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