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Heart warming keys to a longer life


Everyone wants to live long, healthy and bouncing life. But to live lively we must adapt few things in our lives. Because to gain something good effort is always required. Firstly eat healthy avoid junk food , get into a healthy eating routine, take balanced diet , eat in time and then feel the difference.

Have a regular exercise to maintain toned up body it fulfills the need of oxygen and makes us active and smart. Adjust your attitudes positively if you will think positive about yourself and about the people around you then you will fell peace of mind.

Having a positive mind is a crucial key to living a happier life as you will find yourself more willing to take on challenges and enjoy the ups and downs of life. Read inspiring and positive quotes to help with your self-motivation and maybe stick your favorite quote in a place where you can always read and remind yourself about it. This can help you overcome any physical or mental challenges and enjoy whatever life throws at you. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hour a days because your body needs time to repair itself and it does most of it while you are sleeping. So give your body and mind a regular breaks to get enough and quality sleep at night.

Avoid taking tee and coffee after 7 pm to get help your body into a regular sleeping pattern. Sleep on comfortable bed and pillow. Get regular checkups it will decrease chances of having any wicked health related surprise. It also enables your doctor to identify any serious illness/diseases at their earlier stages which will increase their chances of curing it. Love yourself and love others because Human beings are social creatures so itís important that we carry on to be in touch, connect and deal with others. Stay close to your friends and family and make a grave effort to keep in touch with them. Love your friends and family, love yourself and love what youíre doing with your life. Be a giver, not a taker and feel the love and approval from others around you.

Love really can make the world go round. Live a balanced lifestyle and get organized in your life and work hard for what your goals are and what you want to attain from your life. Know yourself and take corrective action if you know that youíre a workaholic, get a diary, find a hobby and make time for yourself and for you to enjoy yourself. If you are struggling with your weight, look for healthy recipes and natural tips to assist and support you in your weight loss and make sure you follow them. Critically evaluating yourself is important and crucial in ensuring that any lifestyle change is a true life style change that will last your lifetime.

Understand your weakness and donít be afraid to change and correct them. You will feel much more fulfilled when you do succeed and youíll also become a better and healthier person with each passing day. And I can assure you that you can live long cheering and heartwarming life.

Ė Noor Ul Hira

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